If you’ve never attended a Baja race in person then it is hard to appreciate a trophy truck flying by you at 100 miles an hour less than 10 foot away.  Granted, be prepared to be pelted by dirt and rocks.  I was pretty sure by the end of the race that when I got home I was going to immediately start construction on a BDS trophy truck.  However, I realized that some one forgot to put it in the budget this year, not to mention the chase helicopter.

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I, like many of you, have sat on my couch watching a Baja race on Sunday afternoon with the typical beer in hand thinking “that doesn’t look that tough – I could do that”.  After seeing it in person I have trouble even articulating the level of performance displayed by those teams.  The speed, undulation of the course and constant abuse on both driver and equipment is just ridiculous.  Watching a truck at those speeds handling that kind of terrain is just nothing but amazing.  Although pictures and video doesn’t do it justice, I had to include some here.

In addition to the racing, the quiet town of San Felipe was basically taken over by thousands of fans, locals and race teams all enjoying the festivities.  I did happen to see a group appreciating the local spirits and I’m sure they were counting on the “what happens in Mexico – stays in Mexico” motto.  I’m really not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I didn’t have my video camera with me at the time, but let’s just say a good time was had by all.

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