BDS Project Ascension Wheels Moab on the way to SEMA

The guys at BDS felt the need to welcome Project Ascension to the family by running a trail ride through the scenic sights of Moab!

In true BDS fashion, the crew made a quick detour on the cross country road trip out to Vegas for the 2016 SEMA to welcome the newest project rig to the BDS family the only way we know how, by taking it wheeling. What better place than the picturesque terrain of Moab, UT?!

Check out the some of the trail action and for more on the road trip and other videos head to the BDS Blog post at

One Comment on “BDS Project Ascension Wheels Moab on the way to SEMA”
  • Veldon moser says:

    I watched this video to see the suspension system at work, unfortunately whoever edited the video mistook me and other would be purchasers like me with someone with too short of an attention span for the long film scenes in movies like the Blair witch project and Japanese anime cartoons. Good ……. how about 2-3 solid continuous seconds of the suspension at work, without jumping the frame all over the place? The video was bad enough but the soundtrack made it even more distracting but at least I could mute that.
    Come on BDS, who is your target audience? Do you think people who enjoy that kind of video and music can buy a $75,000.00 or more truck and the come to you for a $6,000 lift? I can afford that, but I would pay 2,000$ more for a Carli system because their videos are about the suspension and the reaseach it takes to make it perform. The only thing high speed and disorienting on a Carli suspension video is the speed of the truck and amazing travel of the unsprung weight like the wheels and axels compared to the smooth floating truck. I expected better than this from a company that is owned by Fox.


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