BDS New Product Announcement #296: BDS Upper Control Arms for F150



BDS Performance Upper Control Arms | Ford F150

Coldwater, MI: BDS Suspension adds to its lineup of heavy duty upper control arms (UCA) with new kits available for the 2004-2018 Ford F150 trucks. These new UCAs are designed for improved strength, great looks, and more wheel travel on leveled and lifted for the Ford F150.

The new performance control arms are built from high strength 1.5" OD x .120-wall tubing, gusseted for strength and durability. They use an indexed ball joint cup to correct the ball joint positioning for use with 2-3" leveling kits and most full IFS lift kits on the market. The frame mounting ends feature durometer-specific rubber bushings. At the other end they use an indexed ball joint cup with and premium Moog-brand ball joints for smooth, quiet operation and superior durability to arms that feature uniballs, poly bushings or heims. These control arms come finished in a durable semi-gloss black powder coat and include a billet aluminum machined BDS ball joint dust cap as well as proper brake line attachment points to ensure a factory-like fit. The arms integrate a mounting tab for the factory brake lines so there's no need to zip tie the lines like with other kits. The control arms come fully assembled for easy install right out of the box.

Take your Ford F150 to the next level of ride quality and performance with suspension upgrades from BDS.

Product Description

BDS Performance Upper Control Arms

Compatible With:

  • FOX 2.0 Performance Series Coilovers (0-2")
  • FOX 2.5 Factory Series Coilovers (0-2")
  • BDS 2-2.5" Leveling Kits (540H/572H)
  • BDS 4" IFS Systems (576H/598H/1502H/1507H/1533H)
  • BDS 4" C/O Systems (1502F/1507F/1533F)
  • BDS 6" IFS Systems (574H/573H/1503H/1506H/1532H)
  • BDS 6" C/O Systems (573F/1503F/1506F/1532F)
  • Most other lift and leveling kits

Vehicle Fitment

2004-2018 Ford F150 4WD
2009-2018 Ford F150 2WD

Kit Info

#123253 - $735.79 MSRP

BDS Upper Control Arm Features

  • High strength tubular construction
  • Indexed ball joint cup allows for additional droop travel
  • Heavy duty MOOG ball joints
  • Clevite rubber frame bushings
  • Includes brake line mount
  • Full assembled, ready to install

Kit Notes

Designed for use with 2-3" lifts and compatible with many full IFS lift kits. Can be used with BDS 2.5", 4" and 6" kits.

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain Warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

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32 Responses

  1. Michael Paquette
    Michael Paquette at | | Reply

    I have a 2015 f150 4wd with a 6in lift kit with rough country coilovers can i use these upper control arms to get improved articulation i currently have stock ones

  2. jacob
    jacob at | | Reply

    I have a 2007 f150 2wd with 3 1/2 inch lift. will these correct the camber angles right now at -1 maxed stock adjustment

  3. Davis
    Davis at | | Reply

    Will this work with a Rough Country leveling kit?

  4. Derrick
    Derrick at | | Reply

    I have a 14 4×4 f150 with the BDS 2.5” level, will these UCA’s help with the control arm hitting the spring during suspension travel?

  5. Eddie
    Eddie at | | Reply

    I got a 2008 f150 limited awd will these fit my truck???

  6. Colby
    Colby at | | Reply

    I have a 2010 f150 4×4 with 3” level kit installed and my uca hit the springs when going over bigger bumps, will these hit as well or should they clear? Also Are the ball joints in these replaceable?

  7. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    Will these uca work with factory rims 17×7.5j and 265 70r 17 tires on a 2017 f150 4×4

  8. Keith
    Keith at | | Reply

    What is the widest tire on a stock 17 in wheel that can be run with these.

  9. Ed
    Ed at | | Reply

    Installing fox 2.5 dsc coilovers with the bds uca on a 05 f150, eventually will get larger tires and wheels but will the stock 17 wheels and tires fit till then?

  10. Clyde Cabrera
    Clyde Cabrera at | | Reply

    BDS VS Icon UCA
    I have a 2017 SC F150 STX 4×4 w/ Bilstein 6112 kit set at 2 inch level up front and 5100 in back. I have stock tires 275/55R/20 with stock Rims 20×8.5 +30mm off set. my plan eventially want to go to 285/55R/20 with 20×9 inch rims and what I was told with +18mm offset. Is that correct using +18mm offset on those rims? Cause I don’t want to much of the tires sticking out. Now will your BDS UCA’s will work fine with current set up and future setup? What kind of longevity can I expect with the BDS UCA’s? It indicates you can grease up the ball joint. But, what about the UCA’s bushing at the Frame connections. How would they be lubed, if any? one last important thing, are the frame bushings and ball joints replaceable. As I tend to keep my trucks for a long time. My usage is daily driver and occasional serious off roading. Not so much rock climbing. But, want some articulation and traction to get me out of situations. So I am so tossed between your UCA and Icon Delta Joint. Convince me as to why I should lean towards your UCA? What are the Pro/Cons. I am looking forward to your response and Thank You So Much.

  11. Clyde Cabrera
    Clyde Cabrera at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter, for your reply. Your UCA is my next upgrade. I stopped by a distributor and he also touted that your UCA is very good. For the fact of longevity and easy to get replacement parts.

  12. Robert J Grantham
    Robert J Grantham at | | Reply

    Can I run 17 inch method wheels with 4.75 backspace with 295/70/17 with BDS upper control arms I have 2015 f150 4×4.

  13. Dj Williams
    Dj Williams at | | Reply

    I just stocked a leveling kit on top of a lift kit and was told to get extended bds control arms. Are these it?

  14. Russell Kepler
    Russell Kepler at | | Reply

    I want to buy a set of these, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere that I check. Are they being manufactured soon?
    Thank you, Russ

  15. Evan
    Evan at | | Reply

    Hi will these work on a 2003 Ford Expedition?

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