BDS Suspension expands its lineup of suspension lift kit offerings for the redesigned 2017 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty 4wd trucks with new 8" 4-link lift systems to join the existing 1", 2", 4" and 6" lift options. Designed to improve offroad performance and tire size fitment, these new 8" lift options maintaining on road ride quality, handling, and comfort with room for up to 40" tires. As with all BDS lift kits, these 8" lift kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for peace of mind wherever your adventures may take you. Factory Protection Plus includes BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty along with a 5-year, 60,000-mile drivetrain warranty. Get the lift and the look you are after with these new 8" 4-link lift kits from BDS Suspension.

Product Description

8" 4-Link Suspension Systems

8'' 4-Link Kit Features

  • Full length coil springs for smooth ride
  • Pitman arm/trackbar bracket for steering correction
  • 4-link conversion for improved strength/performance
  • T-case indexing ring to improve front driveline angle
  • Glideride replacement rear leaf springs
  • Includes your choice of BDS NX2 or FOX 2.0 shocks
  • Allows fitment of up to 40" tires

Vehicle Fitment

2017 Ford F250 Super Duty 4WD Diesel
2017 Ford F350 Super Duty 4WD (SRW) Diesel
2017 Ford F350 Super Duty 4WD (DRW) Diesel

Kit ID




Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

38x15.50 Tires on 17x10/18x10/20x10 Wheels (5" BS)
40x13.50 Tires on 17x10/18x10/20x10 Wheels (5" BS)*
*Trimming Required

**Other wheel/tire combos can be used, but additional trimming to the front lower valance and/or inner fender may be needed.

***Check BDS website or BDS sales to verify details prior to ordering parts to ensure accuracy with current listings ***

Available Accessories

#98224721/98224779 - FOX 2.0 Shocks
#55380 - Dual Stabilizer Brackets +
#85429 (x2) NX2 Steering Stabilizer or
#98224010 (x2) FOX 2.0 Stabilizer
#123402 - Carrier Bearing Drop Kit
#123009 Rear Extended Sway Bar Links
#123417/123409 - RECOIL Traction Bars (3-5/8")
*additional accessories available soon

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain Warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit
2017 Ford F250 - 8" BDS 4-Link Lift Kit

BDS 8" 4-Link Lift Kits: The latest addition to BDS Suspension's lineup for the 2017 Ford Super Duty are new 8" 4-link systems allowing Ford owners to take their trucks to new heights with clearance for up to 40" tires. These new 8" 4-link systems join the current 1", 2", 4" and 6" lift options offering you a wide range of kits to outfit your new truck. The new 8" systems use a heavy duty front 4-link control arm conversion to upgrade the factory stamped steel radius arms for improved strength, handling, and caster control. This new setup is based off BDS's tried and true 4-link setup from '05-16 Super Duty kits, now designed to key off the factory frame bracket (no need to remove factory bracket) for 8" lifts and ties into the frame rail and transmission crossmember for an extremely rigid control arm mount. The brackets are build from high strength 1/4" steel, come fully welded and finished in a durable textured black powdercoat with riveted BDS nameplates.  The upper and lower control arms are built from heavy wall 2" OD DOM steel tubing with massive 2-1/2" greaseable  frame mount bushings and reinforced clevis mounts to attach at the axle.

The extra ride height comes from a pair of 8" ProRide coil springs designed specifically for the weight of the diesel-equipped trucks for a smooth ride paired with your choice of specially tuned BDS NX2 series gas shocks or the premium FOX 2.0 IFP performance gas shocks. For steering correction a forged drop pitman arm and heavy duty track bar relocation bracket are supplied. This brings the drag link angle closer to factory and keeps the steering angles in line with the relocated track bar for improved drivability and a recentered front axle. Also supplied for the front are bump stop extensions to limit suspension compression, sway bar relocation brackets with extended sway bar links, and braided stainless steel brake lines. The new front driveline design requires correction when installing the 8" lift to retain use of 4WD at any speed. To do this BDS supplies a high strength transfer case indexing ring specific to the 8" systems to rotate the front output of the transfer case down to improve the front driveline operating angle. The indexing ring uses ARP studs and includes new mounting hardware. BDS also supplies a heavy duty replacement transmission crossmember and new transfer case mounting bracket.

In the rear of these 8" systems BDS supplies full replacement Glideride leaf springs to provide full lift height and increased capacity with a built in overload spring. Finishing off the rear of this kit is a rear brake line relocation bracket as well as a pair of matching NX2 or FOX 2.0 gas shocks to compliment the front setup for all around impressive performance.  These new 8" 4-link systems allow for clearance of 38-40" tires. Take your 2017 Super Duty to the new levels with BDS Suspension.

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