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  1. Joseph Collins
    Joseph Collins at | | Reply

    Do you guys make an upper control arm for 2018 silverado 1500? If so what is the part # I have the stamped steel uca’s. Thanks for your time.

  2. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    I need upper control arms for my 06silverado 1500 non hd with a 6-inch rough country lift. Do you offer control arms that will work?

  3. taylor kamakawiwoole
    taylor kamakawiwoole at | | Reply

    If I change the upper control arms on my 2018 silverado 1500, which has a BDS 6″ lift with the fox coilovers, to the BDS UCA, will I be able to crank a little more height on the coilovers?

  4. Matt Segraves
    Matt Segraves at | | Reply

    I’ve got a 97 Silverado 1500 4×4, that already had a 6” bds suspension lift on it. I’m getting ready to rebuild the entire front end. With factory control arms work on it?

  5. Brad
    Brad at | | Reply

    Can this be used with the 8in kit on a 2015?

  6. Sebastian - Dubai
    Sebastian - Dubai at | | Reply

    I have a MY09 Cadillac escalade that i have been offroading (Desert terrain or Dune Bashing as we call it here) since 2013 using a simple 2″ spacer lift.

    Last year when the rear magentic shocks gave way, i installed the fox 2.5 DSC shocks at the rear. following that, installed the fox 2.5 DSC in the front just to be fair. Since the ride height have been raised to 3″ now in the front, and running the stock OEM Control Arms, i am finding the UCA hitting its bump stop too early in its drop.

    My question is, would a purchase of the BDS UCA resolve this and increase the drop thus making that downward travel more sufficient for a good rebound.?

    If so, do i need to alter anything with the existing bumpstop which is basically the stopper that is below one of the UCA arms (part of the chasis itself)?
    Does it have a different geometry that enables it to provide enough drop to my current setup prior to hitting the same bump stop as the stock UCA.?
    How much of extra travel would this be and do i need to worry about the angle being too bad for my CV joints.?

    appreciate your confirmation to the above prior to making my decision.

  7. Miguel
    Miguel at | | Reply

    Hello . I am about to install the full 4 inch coil over lift kit With fox shock with dsc on my 2016 Chevy Silverado 2wd Do I need to replaces upper control arm Aldo is recommended or not thank you…

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