On August 16, 2018 local body shop, Butler Body Shop in Coldwater, MI had an open house where BDS’s Project SD126 and rock guitar legend, Ted Nugent’s Broncos were featured. Butler Body Shop was the painter/body shop for SD126 and Ted Nugent’s classic original Bronco and then the body shop for the later model full-size Bronco.

Ted Nugent, a Detroit native, is an American Singer-Songwriter who gained his fame as the lead guitarist of the Amboy Dukes, a hard rock band that formed in the 60’s. He later went out on his own where he was known for his energetic and aggressive blues-tinged guitar style. He continued to play into the 21st century where he landed a spot as the opening act for Kiss’ Farewell U.S. Tour. Music wasn’t this man’s only passion. He owns his own hunting store, which coincides with his passions of hunting and fishing. This man is a true outdoors man. When he isn’t hunting he is off road on the trails or in the mud. Which leads us to his Broncos.

The Zebra Print is Ted Nugent’s signature look, and it has really made its mark on the full-size Bronco. While Butler Body Shop didn’t do the paint job on this ride, they did do some fitment work on it. Now this Bronco is dates back to 1979! It has gone from stock, to camouflage, and finally in 1999 this Bronco became the zebra print we see now. Years of wear and tear has been put onto this ride, which means a lot of work has been put into it. Yet, this thing is still as mean as ever.

The classic original Bronco is just that, a classic. When Butler Body Shop first got a hold of this ride it was covered in rust. Through a complete restoration Butler Body shop  took this ride down to the frame. The shop was able to keep some of the original parts to get this ride to the condition that it is in today, and we must say, it looks great!

Having these two Broncos right in town here in Coldwater was a great opportunity to get our own SD126 out. These vehicles all besides each other sure do grab a lot of attention. It’s always fun to see people stopping by to check out a sweet ride.

Special thanks to Butler Body Shop for having us and SD126 down for the day.

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