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  1. Antonio Rivera
    Antonio Rivera at | | Reply

    Need help 8 inch bds lift/ 2 inch rancho quick lift struts / rc control arms/ i had a lift done completely wrong and illegal i need help ASAP please and thank you 2017 Chevy Silverado crew cab 1500 lift was completed 12/26/2019 exactly a month ago. My front end. Is completely broken almost lost both wheels @millers used tires warehouse grand island I spent over $3000 they warranty with tire pros

  2. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Can I install 40 inch tires with the 8 inch BDS lift kit on my 2016 GMC 1500 sierra

  3. Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez at | | Reply

    Any update to the availability of the Fox coilovers? I’m ready to pull the trigger on this kit but would like to get it with the C/O’s…….

  4. John S
    John S at | | Reply

    I have a BDS 6″ on my 2017 GMC Sierra 1500. So far everything has been perfect. I am looking for a couple more inches of lift and the new 8″ sounds great. Can I upgrade my 6″ to 8″ by changing or adding any new BDS parts, or do I have to purchase the whole new 8″ kit. Thanks

  5. Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts at | | Reply

    I was wondering if BDS is considering doing a lifted strut option as they have in their other lifts? I see you do have coil overs but they tend to be pricey. Is there in the near future a plan to have the option of lifted struts instead of coil overs or strut spacers.

  6. Wally Crocker
    Wally Crocker at | | Reply

    Would be nice if there was an installation video to go with the paper installation instructions. Anything. especially with the drive shaft.

  7. Taylor
    Taylor at | | Reply

    Hi Carter,
    Will your 8″ lift offer enough clearance with a 35×12.5 tire & 22×12 rim on my 2015 silverado 1500?
    Thank you sir

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