Each year as the SEMA Show draws near social media and media outlets have an influx of content with OEs, aftermarket manufacturers and vehicle builders show off their latest creations and newest releases. While video is king a new (old) media is gaining steam in the form of a truck and offroad focused podcast that airs weekly on iTunes and other podcast services. Going by the originally title “The Truck Show Podcast” the show regularly has industry professionals, celebrities, and representatives on to talk truck, Jeep, current trends, upcoming OE news, cover events and more. I’ve personally been a listener of the show since the beginning and have enjoyed the info, the interviews and the commentary. (Mountered Parameters!) its an inside joke you’ll have to listen to get the backstory. I’ve had the chance to be on the show a couple times in some capacity, from a random EJS on the spot interview to an email or two that were read on the air. Last week while manning the booth (the bar specifically) towards the end of one of the days Holman and Lightning (hosts of the podcast) stopped by for a beer to catch up with mic’s in hand. Take a listen to the informal interview I had with the guys talking about trucks, beards and beers and be sure to check out more episodes from the show, its worth the listen.


Listen to SEMA Liftisode Podcast – The Truck Show Podcast (Starts @40min)

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