BDS wheels Moab, Easter Jeep Safari 2019

The crew from BDS Suspension made it in town last week to go 4wheeling on the red rocks of Moab, UT at the 53rd annual Easter Jeep Safari along with the Fullsize Invasion that has been gaining popularity. We made it out with a handful of new Jeep Wrangler JLs, Project RangerX, and our Super Duty tow rig for a week of trail rides, parties and a vendor expo. Throughout the week we hit some of the famed trails like Hell's Revenge, Behind the Rocks, Kane Creek, Top of the World, Fins and Things, Golden Spike and more to test out the rigs and enjoy the amazing views Moab has to offer. Check out some of the photos from trail:

Along with the trail riding Jeep always makes a big statement at this event debuting a number of concept vehicles each year to the public. This year being the year of the Jeep truck, the JT or the Gladiator. Jeep had dozens of Gladiators out driving around Moab, some press vehicles, others demo trucks, along with 6 incredible JT-based concepts. All of them unique, all of them fully custom. This year's concepts were FiveQuarters, Flat Bill, J6, Way Out, Scrambler, and Gravity. Stay tuned for more on each of these builds.

Along with the challenging terrain and amazing scenery EJS always welcomes vendors for a 2-day vendor show to meet customers and show off the latest accessories. BDS was there with the new JL showing off the soon to be released 6.5" long arm system along with a number of new accessories for an assortment of Jeep applications. Around the show vendors showcased new products, gave demos, and offered up show specials to show goers.

From here we're trading the red rocks of Moab, UT for the sand beaches of Daytona Beach, FL for Jeep Beach. Stay tuned for updates from that show on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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