BDS Suspension adds to its lineup of accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger with new front intrusion beams designed to maximize clearance to fit larger tires. From the factory the new Ranger has large intrusion beams that hang into the fenderwells limiting the ability to fit larger tires. While the intrusion beams are an important part of the front collision safety features of the truck, BDS is now offering redesigned lower profile beams that allow for more tire clearance whether at stock ride height or lifted. These new intrusion beams us a fully boxed design for strength and use an OE tube appearance with plugs to keep dirt and debris out of the factory mounts. They reinstall using the factory hardware at a better price point so you can fit larger tires under your new Ranger. Maximize tire clearance with BDS Suspension.

Product Description

BDS Intrusion Beams for the 2019 Ford Ranger

Kit Info

#123614 - Intrusion Beams  - $77.47 jobber


- Heavy duty, fully boxed tubular construction
- Improves tire clearance
- Includes plugs to keep out dirt and debris
- Compatible with stock and lifted vehicles

Vehicle Fitment

2019 Ford Ranger 2/4WD

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Tire Clearance

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3.5" Lifts - 33x12.50 Tires on 5-6" BS Wheels

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  • Norman Glazier says:

    Interested to know if these are made of the same material as OEM . I know the OEM is Super tough . Is this standard steel , or better ? I know the purpose these serve , and I don’t want to compromise the crash rating .


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