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Yesterday marks a sad day for the automotive industry as a whole and many of us personally here at BDS Suspension. The "fastest woman on four wheels," Jessie Combs, passed away as a result of a crash while trying to set a land speed record, she will be sorely missed. TV host, gearhead and racer, Jessi will be missed for her talent, enthusiasm, and personality that drew so many to her.

She will forever be remembered as an advocate for women in the motorsports industry. If you followed along with her journey, you know how fearless this woman was. One of her latest Instagram posts was captioned:

"It may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire... those who are willing, are those who achieve great things" - Jessi Combs

She was definitely willing and with that she achieved great things. Her record of 398mph in her jet-powered North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger, her placing at King of the Hammers that left her with the title "Queen of the Hammers, and her legacy in the automotive world are all achievements that she fought for. It's not the achievements that defined her. It was her courage, her fearlessness, her strength and ability to love everyone around her. Jessi's legacy will live on forever. The automotive industry will forever be changed for the better, thank you for all you've taught us Jessi Combs.

We give our deepest respect and condolences to her family, friends, and the entire industry that felt the positive impact of our dear friend, rest in peace Jessi Combs.

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  • T-DAWG says:

    One talented, amazing, gorgeous woman. There is none likeyou. Your. A true light of the world. My Family is Blessed beyond by meeting you. And even more than is possible, by being able to call you friend. Thank you for always inspiring the world. My kiddos, and especially little ladies everywhere to be their absolute best, and to shoot for the stars.
    Not enough time words in the world to tell you how amazing you are. We are all torn, and yet proud that you were doing what you set out to do. May we all find peace, may we all pick up the light and pass it on. God Speed to the Queen of Speed. We Love you


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