2 Comments on “Ready, Set, TRD Pro
  • Brian says:

    Hi there. How did you do Spencervybes tacoma lift? I really like that setup and would like to do the same thing to my taco. Can you tell me what this setup costs? Did you use the stock fox suspension? Do you have any shops/distributors on the west coast, or would I have to drive out to Michigan? Fantastic setup.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Brian,
      We used Spencervybes truck to test/compare differences between the standard Tacoma and Tacoma TRD. While our full 6″ coilover lift system can be used on the TRD Pro (will net around 5″ of lift over stock), we don’t offer the kit as shown with a strut spacer for the factory FOX coilover. We have dealer/installers all over country, to find the one nearest you head to Dealer Locator


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