You may have caught a glimpse of this 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD earlier in the year as we hit the road for our first driving [and offroad] impressions with this truck when it was running the BDS 6.5" High Clerance Lift System. While that's been a great kit for us with its high clearance, no torsion bar drop design and heavy duty skids, beefy crossmembers, precision machined steering knuckles and more to allow clearance for 37-38s, the engineers at BDS have had this truck back in the shop these last couple months designing, developing and testing a new variant, a coilover conversion to feature FOX 2.5 R/R DSC coilovers as along with high-strength UCA/LCA and all the trimming of hte BDS 6.5" system to take performance to a whole new level.

With the keys to the truck this truck embarked on the [Off] Road-Trip Adventure for the Fall color tour around Michigan offering a smooth ride and plenty of muscle out on the trail during the 1000+ mile journey through the dunes, the tunnel of trees, and all over the UP.


2020 Chevy 2500HD
6.6L Duramax Diesel
Allison Transmission
BDS 6.5" C/O System (preproduction)
- FOX 2.5 R/R DSC Coilovers
- BDS knuckles, UCA/LCA, crossmembers, etc
BDS Recoil Traction Bars
38x13.50 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Tires
20x10 Method 605NV Bronze Wheels

10 Comments on “2020 Chevy 2500 HD | BDS
  • Jeffrey Fankel says:

    Any updated time frame on the 6.5 coilover system for the 2020-21 chevy 2500?

    • Courtney @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hello Jeffrey,
      We are are still a few months out before being able to release them. As soon as we have kits available for purchase we will have announcements on our social media pages and website.

  • Keith says:

    Will you also be building a 2-3” coilover system for the 2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD? I’m looking for more of the leveled look and not really wanting to go with a 6.5” lift. Thanks for any info!

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Keith,
      We are developing a 2-3″ and 6.5″ coilover conversion kits and upgrades options for the 2020+ GM HD Trucks and expect to have them available later this year. In the meantime we do offer 3″/5″/6.5″ lift options available. For more info head to

  • Chris says:

    What’s the wheel travel on the 3” & 6” kits?

  • Rick Lovaas says:

    Did I read that correctly; BDS is developing a 2-3” coil over conversion for the 2500 HD? Please email me with details and release date.

  • James O'Donnell says:

    I have a 4” cognito lift and I really want to stay at this height. When your coil over kits come out will your lower control arms be compatible with their cross members? I guess what I’m asking is can I mesh the two kits together to stay at this height and run coil overs? If it is possible what coil overs would work for an hd that will put it at 4”.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey James, while we haven’t tested that particular scenario/combination, you most likely wouldn’t be able to combine the 2 and remain at the 4″ lift height. In a nutshell, you would need to go taller and set the truck up around 6″ of lift. The base kit we will be a 2-3″ lift height that mounts off the OE mounts and uses indexed ball joint positioning to all for additional travel. These arms could not be used at the stock ride height. For our 4.5″/6.5″ lifts the suspension geometry is stock like at 4.5″ of lift and like a leveling kit at 6.5″ which is why we’re only planning to offer the C/O conversion at 2-3″ and 6.5″ lift heights.

  • Rolando Vazquez says:

    When will BDS have a 2-3” coil over conversion for the 2020 year 2500 HD? Please email me with details and release date.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Kits are getting close, however we’ve had a number of production delays with suppliers along the way. Expect to see the production kits our Q1 2022


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