BDS Suspension is constantly evolving, improving, and enhancing their product lineup to offer the best products on the market. Case in point new lift systems for the 2019-2021 Chevy/GMC 1500 4WD trucks designed for superior on/off road handling, capability and clearance for up to 37” tires. The newest additions are 4” and 6” suspension packages designed to take your late model GM truck to the next level. Kits are available with standard strut spacer or FOX Factory Race Series coilovers. In addition all kits now come standard with BDS Performance Series upper control arms and include Factory Protection Plus (FPP) for peace of mind wherever your adventures may lead. Included in FPP is BDS's No Fine Print Warranty, FMVSS No.126 ESC System compliance certification, and a 5-year, 100,000-mile supplemental drivetrain warranty.

Product Description

Lift Kits for 2019+ GM 1500 Trucks

Available Accessories

121253 - Upper Control Arms
(standard in all new kits sold)

121408/123409 - Recoil Traction Bars

***Check the BDS website to verify details prior to ordering to ensure information is up-to-date with current manufacturer listings***

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • FMVSS No.126 ESC System compliance
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty
FMVV No.126 Compliant

Standard GM1500 Kit Info

GM1500 (Silverado/Sierra 4WD) - Gas
1800H/1800FS - 4” Lift Systems – Released
1800F/1800FDSC - 4” Coilover Systems – Released
1801H/1801FS - GM1500 6” Lift Systems - Released
1801F/1801FDSC - GM1500 6” Coilover Systems - Released

GM1500 (Silverado/Sierra 4WD) - Diesel
1802H/1802FS – 4” Lift Systems – Released
1802F/1802FDSC - 4” Coilover Systems – Released
1803H/1803FS - 6” Lift Systems - Released
1803F/1803FDSC – 6” Coilover Systems - Released

Trail Boss/AT4 Kit Info:

TB/AT4 comes from factory with 2" taller ride height, lift heights are based on net lift over stock.

GM1500 (Trail Boss/AT4 4WD) - Gas
1804F/1804FDSC - 2.5” Coilover Systems - Released
1805H/1805FS – 4” Lift Systems - Released
1805F/1805FDSC – 4” Coilover Systems - Released

GM1500 (Trail Boss/AT4 4WD) - Diesel
1806F/1806FDSC - 2.5” Coilover Systems - Released
1807H/1807FS – 4” Lift Systems - Released
1807F/1807FDSC – 4” Coilover Systems - Released

Denali Kit Info:

GM1500 (Denali w/ ARC 4WD) - Gas
1808H – 4” Lift System - prelaunch, available Q1 2022
1809H – 6” Lift System - Released

GM1500 (Denali w/ ARC 4WD) - Diesel
1810H – 4” Lift System - prelaunch, available Q1 2022
1811H – 6” Lift System - Released

Media Gallery

4"/6" Lift Systems - Gas Shown [GM1500]

4" Lift System - Gas Shown [TB/AT4]

4"/6" Coilover Systems- Gas Shown [GM1500]

2.5"/4" Coilover Systems - Gas Shown [TB/AT4]

4"/6" Lift System - Gas Shown [Denali]

Coldwater, MI: BDS is now offered several new 4" and 6" lift kits for the 2019-2021 Chevy/GMC 1500 Trucks. In addition to the existing 3.5" coilover systems, these new 4" and 6" systems provide lift while correction suspension geometry for improved performance on and off-road.

4"/6" Lift Systems: These 4"/6" kits come complete with everything you need to properly lift your truck and allow clearance for 35-37" tires. The goal with these kits is to build off the factory steering and suspension geometry to offer the optimized strength, safety, and performance you’ve come to expect from BDS Suspension. Parts list includes high strength ¼” steel crossmembers, precision machined ductile iron steering knuckles, heavy duty tie rod ends, multipoint differential drop brackets, front and differential skid plates, performance series upper control arms, top mounted strut spacers, sway bar relocation, brake line relocation, rear block kit and your choice of gas shocks. Kits allow compatibility with more tire/wheel options than other lift kits on the market. These systems are not only built for daily driving, but will handle most any offroad excursion you want to tackle and provide extra ground clearance and heavy duty skid plates.

*Denali models include sensor brackets and rear shock relocation brackets to retain the ARC (adaptive ride control) system.

**TB/AT4 models net 4" lift although ride height similar to 6" standard kit.


4"/6" Coilover Systems: If you're looking to optimize performance and capability these are the systems for you. Building on the tried-and-true BDS high clearance design these kits maintain on-road handling and performance while upping the ante with FOX 2.5 factory race series remote reservoir coilovers for truly next level performance on any terrain. These coilovers are available in standard or DSC adjustable versions and pair with a set of FOX 2.0 IFP performance series rear shocks. Additionally high strength ¼” steel crossmembers, precision machined ductile iron steering knuckles, heavy duty tie rod ends, multipoint differential drop brackets, front and differential skid plates, performance series upper control arms, sway bar relocation, rear block kit and brake line relocation brackets come together to form a quality systems designed to enhance your late model GM truck with clearance for 35- 37" tires.

*will not fit Denali models

**TB/AT4 models net 2.5" or 4" lift although ride height similar to standard GM trucks with 4" or 6" kits respectively.


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2 Comments on “Lift Kits | 2019+ Chevy/GMC 1500 Trucks | NPA #411
  • Ryan Hagel says:

    Next time if you could include the point that these kits supersede the previous kits for this same vehicle (746 Series), that would really help

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Will do Ryan.

      For reference:
      748 series superseded to 1800 (GM1500 Gas – 4″)
      746 series superseded to 1801 (GM1500 Gas – 6″)
      778 series superseded to 1802 (GM1500 Diesel – 4″)
      775 series superseded to 1803 (GM1500 Diesel – 6″)
      754 series superseded to 1804 (TB/AT4 Gas – 2.5″)
      749 series superseded to 1805 (TB/AT4 Gas – 4″)
      780 series superseded to 1806 (TB/AT4 Diesel – 2.5″)
      779 series superseded to 1807 (TB/AT4 Diesel – 4″)
      750 series superseded to 1808 (Denali Gas – 4″)
      747 series superseded to 1809 (Denali Gas – 6″)
      776 series superseded to 1810 (Denali Diesel – 4″)
      777 series superseded to 1811 (Denali Diesel – 6″)


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