BDS is offering additional 3" UCA Lift Systems for the 2020-2021 Chevy and GMC HD Trucks designed to take performance to the next level with specially tuned FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series shocks. These new lift systems are deigned to build off the factory mounting points to offer maximum ground clearance and improve suspension travel with clearance for up to 35" tires. Kits include BDS performance upper control arms (UCAs) indexed torsion bar keys, differential relocation, sway bar relocation, rear block kit and front and rear aluminum bodied FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series DSC-reservoir shocks for next level performance. As with all BDS lift kits, these new kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for peace of mind wherever your adventures may take you. Factory Protection Plus includes the no fine print warranty, ESC system compatibility and a 5-year 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty.

Product Description

3" UCA Lift Systems (FOX 2.5)
for 2020+ Chevy/GMC HD Trucks

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

***Check the BDS website to verify details prior to ordering to ensure information is up-to-date with current manufacturer listings***


Product Info

760FPE – 3" UCA Lift Kit (w/o Overload) - FOX 2.5 Perf Elite Shocks
761FPE – 3" UCA Lift Kit (w/ Overload) - FOX 2.5 Perf Elite Shocks


  • FOX 2.5 performance elite series shocks offer next level performance and damper capacity. Aluminum body for faster heat dispersion and DSC adjustabe reservoir.
  • Performance UCAs increase strength and allow for more suspension travel
  • High strength cast torsion bar keys use an indexed design to provide additional ride height.
  • Sway bar relocation for proper clearance
  • Differential relocation to improve CV operating angle.
  • Rear block and u-bolt kit provides lift while maintaining spring function and load capacity

Vehicle Fitment

2020-2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 2WD/4WD
2020-2021 Chevy Silverado 3500HD 2WD/4WD SRW/DRW
2020-2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD/4WD
2020-2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD 2WD/4WD SRW/DRW
2020-2021 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD 2WD/4WD
2020-2021 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD 2WD/4WD SRW/DRW

Rec'd Wheel/Tire Specs

35x12.50 Tires with 20x9 Wheels (5.5-5.75" BS)
295/60 Tires with 20x9 Wheels (5-5.75" BS)
285/65 Tires with 20x9 Wheels (5-6.18" BS)
285/70 Tires with 18x9 Wheels (5-6.18" BS)
*Stock wheels + stock tires can be installed
**Stock wheels + oversized tires may not clear UCAs.

Coldwater, MI: BDS ups the ante with new 3" UCA Lift Systems for the late model GM HD trucks. Designed for easy bolt-on installation, these new 3" UCA lift systems for the 2020-2021 Chevy and GMC 2500HD/3500HD trucks are built around the OE suspension geometry while providing next level performance with the new FOX 2.5 Performance ELite Series shocks at each corner. THese large aluminum-bodied shocks feature DSC (dual speed compression) adjustable reservoirs for additional damping capacity, better heat dispersion and tunable ride quality. These shocks pair with heavy duty BDS  tubular upper control arms (UCAs) designed for improved strength and increased suspension travel. These arms come fully assembled right out of the box with high quality greasable ball jpoints and rubber bushings for long life and quiet operations offering superior corrosion resistance to uniballs and heims. Along with the control arms, a pair of re-indexed cast steel torsion bar keys are supplied up front to lift the vehicle while improving ground clearance. A small differential relocation kit is supplied to correct CV axle operating angles without effecting ground clearance or offroad protection. To eliminate sway bar interference, a pair of sway bar relocation brackets are supplied which also correct operating angle. In the rear a 2" rear lift block and u-bolt kit is supplied to create a level to slightly tail high stance. This system utilizes next level damper performance for smooth on-road comfort and extreme off-road capability allowing you to push your truck harder. Take your HD to the next level with BDS and FOX.

Media Gallery

3" UCA Lift System

3" UCA Lift System

3" UCA Lift System


2020+ Chevy HD
3" Kit Installed on 35s

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