A few weeks back I had the opportunity to tour Hauk Designs with the mad scientist, Mr. Kenny Hauk himself. Located in Chambersburg, PA Hauk Designs is a fab shop and vehicle customizer with a show that airs on Amazon Prime, Digital Lug, etc called Hauk Machines. From the original River Raider days building Jeep snorkels, armor and one of the OG JK truck conversions to these days building a slew of customer, often wacky and over-the-top rat rods trucks, Jeeps and awe-inspiring classics, Hauk Designs builds some incredible vehicles that often blur the line between automobile and artwork. For this site tour we started out checking out the beer tanker and proceeded through the shop to check out some of his new projects, some of his past builds and unveiled on of his newest rides, the 2021 Ford Bronco that is already sporting some prototype BDS arms. Check out the site tour video, links to his show and a few of his past builds from over the years.

Hauk Machines Show (Amazon Prime) (Digital Lug) (YouTube)

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