BDS is on the Road

With the Spring Jeep Season comes the first major event in off-roading for enthusiasts and non-racers: Easter Jeep Safari. BDS is on the road to Moab today, and while we drive, we discuss the yearly tradition of Jeep concept vehicle announcements that coincide with this awesome week-long event.


Jeep Concept Drop

As we look over the teasers and the final products we can't help but to feel inspired by the significance of this type of OEM involvement in the event and community. It is often overlooked, but the creation of these high-budget concepts opens the floodgates for new ideas while also showcasing some of Jeep's future consumer releases and the possibilities for improvement and individuality. We are so pumped to see these badass rigs once we arrive, and we promise to update you once we take a look!

Previous Years

Some of the past concept projects include the Rescue, Mighty FC, Lower Forty, Jeep Chief, Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Responder, and the Jeep Wrangler Africa. Of course, there is room for debate on which of these are most memorable, but we have a few classic favorites.

This Year

We have a new selection including Magneto 2.0, Bob, Rubicon 20th, Jeep '41, PHEV Trailhawk, Birdcage, D-Coder, and three former SEMA Show concepts. Check out the photos and head online for more in-depth features in the weeks to come!


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