What good is a show without the people!?! From the exhibitors to the car builders, the show goers, media, and celebrities, SEMA brings in the people. 100,000+ in fact for this 4-day convention out in the desert.

Former UFC Champ Matt Hughes hanging out in the BDS booth with Johnny from Fusion Bumpers, Mike from BDS, and Blake and Brock from BMF Wheels

This section of BDS’s 2012 SEMA coverage focuses on people of SEMA. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth or Part 2 SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Rides yet, click the links to check them out.

Mike and Steve from BDS along with Carter from Zone

The SEMA Show is gargantuan. From the behind the scenes staff it takes to put this show together, to the sheer size of the convention hall and influx of 100,000+ for the show each year. Car guys (and gals) from around the world converge each year on the desert oasis that is Las Vegas, NV, for a week long automotive trade show focuses on the aftermarket customization. With over 2000 exhibitors in attendance, seeing it all in just 4 days can be a tall order for some. Good shoes and pre-show endurance training is essential if you plan to scour the show and still be functional at the end of the week. Even standing in a booth for 4 days straight can wear on an exhibitor, which is where extra carpet padding and ice cold beer came in handy throughout the week.

Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Rick Pewe in the BDS Booth at SEMA 2012

This is a gold mine for media personnel searching for stories and new products to feature in their magazines, TV shows, and blogs. The BDS booth was a popular meeting place to discuss new products and grab a free bite to eat around lunch time each day.

Celebrity appearances and SEMA go hand-in-hand, from TV personalities to custom builders, professional drivers and professional athletes. Throughout the week the BDS booth was frequented by many stopping by to grab an ice cold beer and chat about BDS. Our crew from BDS Suspension teamed up with the crew from Zone Offroad Products for this year’s SEMA Show for the tailgate party themed booth. All in all our 10 man (and women) crew spent the week talking with new customers about all the benefits of the product and our distributorship program. We also were able to catch up with many of our current customers who took the time to stop by the booth. SEMA gives us the opportunity to catch up with our customers from around the world and get some quality face time in. Thank you to all our customers who made it out for SEMA this year and for stopping by to see us.

Well with that another SEMA Show has come to a close. It has been an amazing year for us and we look forward to the coming months. Look for many of the vehicles to be popping up in magazines and featured at upcoming events over the next few months. We appreciate everyone that stopped by to see us at the show, the amazing builders for their hard work prepping the vehicles, and the crew from BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad Products for their hard work getting ready for the show and making it a success while there. We’ll see you next year with another crazy booth idea!

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth or Part 2 SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Rides yet, click the links to check them out. For more photos from the event and of the vehicles, check out our Picasa album and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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