We’re enthusiasts here at BDS Suspension, and we love to see what you’re working on. While you won’t see us plastered all over the gamut of forums, we do participate, we get involved, and throw our 2 cents in. We know you don’t want to hear a sales pitch from us, but rather actual tech support, the tricks, tips, the stuff we’ve figured out over the years and had first hand experience with.

JeepForum.com is one we frequent. We came across a thread recently by a guy named “Peyts” from Ontario, who was starting out the build on his family TJ with plans to turn it into a weekend warrior. Check out the build thread and join the discussion atΒ http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f9/transforming-my-soccer-mom-tj-lift-kit-tires-wheel-spacers-1438900/

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