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  1. Patrick
    Patrick at | | Reply

    Very nice, guys. Where is the gas tank going to be relocated to? I’m also working on an SFA conversion, and I’d love to be able to tease a couple more inches out of sliding the rear axle further back. Right now, with the gas tank left intact, I’ll only be able to move the rear axle back a bit less than 2″.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Patrick
    Patrick at | | Reply

    No kidding, huh? Rotoplast or steel fuel tank? And what was the name of the company that fabricated the tank?

  3. Ry'
    Ry' at | | Reply

    Lookin good folks!

    My wife and I are wanting to SFA our ’04 KJ next year.
    We took the IFS as far as it could go before spending stupid money to keep it IFS!
    We’re looking foreward to the finished Rig!

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