Beautiful weather and record numbers in Mesick, MI as more than 1200 Jeeps made it out for the 12th Annual Jeep Blessing. BDS made it out for the event and set up shop in the in the vendor corral to talk to event goers. For many this was the first chance to see the new BDS forged flex ends up close and see what other new products we have available. A big thanks goes out to Devin from Drive Train Specialists (DTS) who was nice enough to bring his bad ass BDS 6.5” Long Arm equipped JK by the booth to draw many to the booth.

The ever runs all day long with many coming to show off their Jeeps and wheel them on the obstacle course, while others came ready to shop for great deals at the event. Shawn and Jason had a blast out at the event and wanted to thanks everyone that stopped by to say hi. Despite being busy all day long, they did find the time to check out the show and snap some photos along the way. See some of the photos below and for al the rest of them, head to the Facebook photo album.


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