Offroad racing is one of those things that become an obsession. Whether you’ve been to one race or you’ve lost count, there’s something about the rumble of the purpose build race truck putting down 900hp, screaming around the dirt track, throwing up roosts, launching off  kickers. BDS wanted a taste of the action so we loaded up and hit the road this past weekend heading north to Crandon, WI for the TORC Series races. With multiple classes racing throughout the weekend, there wasn’t a shortage of high-octane action as Stock, PRO Light, PRO Buggy, PRO 4×4, and Formula 4×4 rigs took to the track at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway. Between heats the grounds were filled with truck tuning in the pits, sponsors giving out swag, and Traxxis RC trucks to race. BDS Suspension set up near the pits to talk to race fans and offer up event specials. A big thanks to those that stopped by the booth to say hi, we had a blast and can’t wait to make it back to the Big House aka Crandon International Raceway.

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