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Matt Parker’s not afraid of a challenge. He frequents Carnage Canyon and other spots around Colorado with his ’98 ZJ. The Jeep has more than a few things done to it with a spec sheet to include a BDS long arm kit (Olympus coilovers for 9” of lift), a bored and stroked AMC360, built 1-ton axles, and 39” TSLs. Matt’s got a soft spot for building ZJs as this Jeep came about out of the ruins of his last ZJ which met it’s demise after a 80mph head on collision. After rolling 3 times Matt walked away without injury, his Jeep on the other hand, didn’t fair so well. Matt took the BDS long arm kit and whatever else he could salvage and began building this new ZJ into the beast that it is today. The salvaged BDS 6.5” long arm was one of the first parts to be installed as he transformed this unsuspecting Jeep into what it is today. Work by week and wheeling by the weekend Matt’s not afraid to put this former luxury Jeep into some perilous situations.

During a recent Monster Jam in his home state of Colorado, Matt took on an Acura in front of a crowd of thousands. He launched at the ZJ from the side popping a nice wheelie for the crowd before landing on the roof and driving over. During the maneuver Matt snapped one of the BDS lower control arms, but he was able to complete the maneuver. The arm was welded up to help Matt get out of the arena under his own power. Matt said “The (BDS) kit has survived an 80mph head-on impact and a 3-time rollover. The fact that its held up to the abuse I put it through absolutely blows my mind.” After a call into BDS he had a new control arm on the way.  A true testament to the BDS No Fine Print Warranty.

For more on Matt’s rig, check it our on the Bad Ass Rides customer gallery and to see the video from the car crush see below or watch it on YouTube.

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