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#477H (4.5″ LA Kit)

#467H (6.5″ LA Kit)

#983H (TJ LA Upgrade)


4.5″ and 6.5″ Jeep TJ Long Arm Kits and Long Arm Upgrade


1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

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Jeep 4.5" Long Arm Kit

4.5″ long arm kit
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Jeep 6.5" Long Arm Kit

6.5″ long arm kit
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Jeep Long Arm Upgrade Kit

Long Arm Upgrade Kit
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Jeep Long Arm closeup

Long Arm Upgrade Kit
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BDS Long Arm Kits now with Forged Flex Ends

1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Coldwater, MI—December 16, 2013—  BDS Suspension has just released new long arm suspension options for the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. After years of development, (2) 4WOR Ultimate Adventures survived, and numerous on-road/off-road durability tests the engineers at BDS Suspension have put their stamp of approval on these new TJ Long Arm Kits. Designed around the popular BDS 4-Link long arm subframe, these kits now feature front and rear heavy wall upper and lower longer control arms with rubber bushings and forged flex ends for impressive articulation offroad and great on-road mannerisms. The front long arm improves suspension geometry by minimizing castor change throughout wheel travel for unparalleled handling characteristics for the best dual purpose on/off-road performance. The rear suspension mounts now feature vertical separation between upper and lower frame mounts to improve anti-squat characteristics. The new subframe design will accept the stock belly pan (some trimming required) as well as work with BDS’s belly up skidplate (#124045) for increased strength and ground clearance.

The new lower control arms (LCA) are constructed from 1.75″ diameter .250 wall tubular steel and formed inboard to provide better clearance for oversized tires. Ends are fully welded and feature a durometer specific Clevite rubber bushing to mount towards the axle for smooth, quiet performance and improved bushing lifespan. For customers interested in polyurethane bushings, these new arms will accept BDS’s dual fluted greaseable polyurethane bushings (available separately LCA#074120/UCA#074121).

Opposite the rubber bushings these new upper and lower control arms utilize the BDS forged flex ends for superior strength, easy adjustability, and increased articulation. These flex ends use forged steel construction and single-sided snap ring design with steel ball and polyurethane races to allow up to 30 degrees of misalignment. Housings are finished in a durable black e-coated and come fully assembled with jam nut and grease fitting. The large flex ends feature a 1-1/4″-12 threaded 4″ long shank for plenty of adjustability without sacrificing thread engagement. Smaller flex ends are used for upper control arms and use 1″-14 x 3-1/2″ long threaded shank. The long arm assembly can be adjusted to accommodate 4.5-8.5” of lift making it a great option for those that plan to dial in their ride height regardless of size.

The new BDS long arm kit with forged flex ends is available as a long arm upgrade for current lifted Jeeps as well as offered in a complete 4.5″ long arm and 6.5″ long arm kit. 4.5″ and 6.5″ long arm kits include Proride coil springs matched with your choice of 5500-series or Fox 2.0 performance shocks for optimal ride quality. Rear shock mount relocation brackets are included to improve shock positioning once lifted. DOT approved Kevlar lined stainless steel extended brake lines are included to compensate for the extra height and keep from maxing out during articulation. Steering correction comes from a forged drop pitman arm and adjustable front track bar with relocation mount to improve drivability limit bump steer,and recenter the front axle. The rear uses a track bar bracket to recenter the rear axle. Extended bump stops are included for all 4 corners as well as rear sway bar links. The front utilizes ultimate sway bar disconnects for a quick and easy solution to increasing articulation offroad while maintaining on-road mannerisms with the links connected. The spring loaded collar retains the ball & socket joint for one-handed operation and clip up out of the way when you’re out on the trail. To allow extra clearance for steering components, the front axle sway bar mount is removed and BDS high clearance mounting brackets are installed. All these components come together for a top quality suspension lift able to perform not only off-road but on the highway.

Available accessories for the BDS TJ long arm kits include single and dual steering stabilizers, rear adjustable track bar, belly up heavy duty skidplate, LCA skids, and the steering box skidplate.
For more info on these parts and to find a dealer near you, head to BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

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