Right now 25 rigs are under the gun in preparation for the 2014 Ultimate Adventure (UA). With a mix of invited readers, event sponsors, event cronies and magazine staffers all in the scramble to finish up their builds, there is just 2 weeks until the group hits the road from all corners of the states and beyond to rendezvous at the secret start location for this year’s trip. The chatter online has revealed this year’s crop of rigs in various points of disarray from a PowerWagon that was just cut in half to a Blazer getting built from the ground up and numerous rigs in the test and tune stage.

There are certain requirements for building a UA rig. They include a lockers, a roll cage, at least 35” tires, a full size spare, CB radio, winch and recovery points. Beyond that everyone uses their creativity to customize a rig for the trip. You’ll see a range of classic flat fenders to late model JKs, fullsize Blazers, a Power Wagon, IH Scout and the BDS Liberty CRD, each built to be unique. The goal on the trip is to build a capable vehicle, able to wheel trails and drive down the highway. Its important to be self reliant out on the trip with spare parts, tools, food and supplies as this is a 1000+ mile, weeklong wheeling trip. Gas stops are roughly 200 miles apart and food stops come every couple days so building your rig to be self-sustainable is a necessity. You can’t rely on a nearby auto parts store or the other attendees to jump in to repair your rig, although more times then not they are willing and able.

BDS being the official suspension of this year’s UA has been busy getting parts out the door to help with the last minute build ups, conversions, and overhauls.  Everything from BDS builder joints to leaf springs, control arms, shocks and complete lift kits. We’re excited to see how everything performs as we put it to the test out on this weeklong journey and beyond. Check out some of the progress photos and for a background on this year’s selected wheelers head to UA-FinalSix.

Fred Williams for 4WOR Magazine and the guy at Pacific Fab are overhauling a 1990 RAM from an airplane tug into the official UA magazine build. It’s getting outfitted with a ton of components to include a BDS forged flex ends, BDS rear leaf springs, Fox coilovers, and more. Read more about 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s 2014 Ultimate Adventure trail rig transformation at Ultimate Tug-Truck Intro.

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