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  1. JW Davis
    JW Davis at | | Reply

    As a supplier for BDS we know the lengths the company goes to and are proud you are making another SEMA show presence this year. When I got the call for help on the transportation request with the bronco while yall were passing thru we were ready to help. Didnt want anything to stop BDS from making it to SEMA, good luck with the show and as always a proud supporter of the product!!
    JW Davis Richmond Va.

  2. Adam
    Adam at | | Reply

    When should we expect colorado/canyon lift kits to be available for purchase?

  3. Chris Humphries
    Chris Humphries at | | Reply

    I would love to do this to my brand new 2015 Chevy Colorado I just bought it last Saturday. And want to lift it just like in the pictures with the decal of the bds- suspension on it as well

  4. Ethan
    Ethan at | | Reply

    Do ya’ll have an estimated price of what the 4 and 6 inch lifts will cost? Will you make a 2 inch spacer/leveling kit?

  5. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Is there a way that you all could update us on when the exact release date on the kit with be? Like an emailing list?

  6. Will
    Will at | | Reply

    I was wondering about the light bar, I love the placement and wish to do the same on my Colorado. My question is, is that a 30 inch light bar without the brackets or with the brackets and 30 inch total?

    Also did you make a custom bracket to make it fit?

  7. Will
    Will at | | Reply

    Thanks for replying, I just installed a Cree 32 inch light bar and love it, I put mine behind the small plastic columns instead of flush and just prefer that look. But got the idea from you guys so thank you! another quick question though, do you think this will effect the cooling of the car or no? any help would be appreciated, thank you

  8. Nick_rsc
    Nick_rsc at | | Reply

    Do you have an estimated release date for the 6″ kit? Thanks.

  9. Darring
    Darring at | | Reply

    What gear is the colorado you lifted, and if it is 3.42 how it runs with 35″ tires?

  10. gus
    gus at | | Reply

    Just wondering if you have a video or instructions on how to install the 30 in light bar?
    or maybe Will that commented that he installed a 32 in bar on his can show some pictures of his work.
    I’ll apreciate any help thanks in advance!!!

  11. Malachi
    Malachi at | | Reply

    Here I see you have a double row 30 inch curved light bar on it, however everyone I’ve talked to says it requires a single row straight 30 inch light bar. Did this require any trimming or special mounts?

  12. Joshua Petree
    Joshua Petree at | | Reply

    Did the fenders require any trimming to accommodate the 35″ tires? Or was that done by the 1″ body lift? Also, is there any rubbing noticed with that big of tire?

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