bds-projectascension-14With SEMA deadline rapidly approaching the engineering team at BDS Suspension is hard at work to overhaul the new company test mule, a 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty to turn it into a head turning overloader ready for backcountry exploration or the local truck meet. This truck is slated to be in the BDS Booth (#30204) out in Las Vegas for the 2016 SEMA Show November 1-4. With 2000 miles to drive to the show, the crew its the road for Vegas the middle of next week to start the drive to Vegas in time to set up for the show and get the truck placed.

Last time we checked in on the progress the team had the truck back from being wrapped in 3M brushed metallic vinyl and were working on the new suspension design. At this point the suspension is complete, its a pre-production BDS 6″ 4-Link Conversion System w/ FOX 2.5 DSC Coilovers, dual FOX 2.0 steering stabilizer and RECOIL traction bars. The 4-link design will offer improved strength and better caster control, the FOX DSC coilovers offer a smooth ride over any terrain, improved dampening capabilities, and adjustable dampening settings for optimal performance.

Also under this way are several other mods to the truck. For additional dry storage in the bed a Bestop Supertop was installed in the bed. The sailcloth canvas top clamps to the bed rails and offers easy access to the bed from all sides with rollup tinted windows. Over top of the Supertop the team is fabricating a roof rack for additional storage space and mounting for the lights we’ll be installing. With bigger tires going on this build we added a set of Bushwacker extend-a-fender flares to give us extra tire coverage and a strong, beefy appearance. These come in a molded ABS plastic and wrapped in the brushed aluminum vinyl. Being that this truck will have extra altitude of 6″ of lift and 38s we added a set of the Amp Research Powersteps. We’re huge fans of these steps and run them on just about all of our promotional trucks. They’re easy to install and wire up off the OBD2 port to take cab access much easier and then automatically tuck up out of the way when the doors are closed.

For tires this build is going with 38×13.50×20 Nitto Trail Grapplers. We run these tires on several of our other rigs and have been very impressed with the look, the traction, how easy they are to balance and their 10-ply E road rated sidewall which will come in handy when we’re towing rigs and show trailers across the country. These Nittos are getting mounted up on a set of 20×10 (4.5″ BSing) XD Machete wheels in satin black. These wheels have a clean 6-dual spoke look with a simulated beadlock ring.

Final graphics are being installed with the BDS adventure edition vinyl graphics getting installed along with logos of all the companies with product on the truck. Next up, the team takes on the interior with Roadwire leather seats, Magellan navigation upgrades and wiring up the Baja Design lights. Next week the Fusion bumpers arrive and we’ll mount up the Warn winch, Factor 55 prolink and more. Now with 4 days left to go the team hassles to get this rig completed, loaded up with displays and ready to hit the road for Vegas. Stay tuned for updates…

bds-17f250-renderingfinal-bdWe’ve had a lot inquiry from customers and follows asking about the full build plans for Project Ascension, our new 2017 Ford Super Duty diesel truck. Along with being used as the test mule for the new BDS suspension systems to fit the 2017 F250/F350 platform, this truck is getting overhauled in a matter of a few weeks to be debuted in the BDS booth at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nov.1-4, 2016. While all plans aren’t set in stone and other accessories will likely be added later as they come available for the new platform, the initial build will include the parts below. Be sure to follow along on the BDS blog and social media for updates at #projectascension

Truck: 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT 4WD
6.7L Powerstroke Diesel, 6-speed Automatic Transmission

Suspension: BDS 6″ 4-Link Conversion DSC Coilover System
Dual FOX stabilizer and RECOIL traction bars
AirLift Load Leveler 5000 air bags with WirelessOne compressor system
Tires: 38×13.50×20 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires
Wheels: 20×10 (4.5″ BSing) XD Machete Wheels
Bumpers: Fusion Bumpers front/rear built from aluminum
Recovery: Warn Zeon 12K Platinum Winch w/ Factor 55 ProLink XXL
Fenders: Bushwacker Extend-a-Fender flares
Steps: Amp Research Powersteps
Lighting: Baja Designs LED Lights, 30″ lightbar, XL-R lights, RTL lightbar
Interior: Roadwire black leather seat covers
Magellan eXplorer TRX7 GPS Navigation
sPOD modular 6-switch system
Storage: DECKED bed storage system
SlideZilla retractable bed tray system
Bestop Supertop Canvas topper
Custom build aluminum roof rack
Performance Upgrades: Edge Products CTS2 Programmer
Diamond Eye DPF-Back SS Exhaust System

bds-17f250-renderingfinal-bdThe countdown is on, just a few short weeks until the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and we’ve got a long wayto go building Project Ascension, our new 2017 Ford Super Duty. With tons of aftermarket components still in route to the shop the focus this week was prototyping the new suspension, after all this truck is a test truck for us. For this truck the plan is to build a suspension system ready to hit the trail while still comfortable on the road. For that we’re building a 6″ 4-Link Conversion System for this truck along with FOX DSC Coilover Upgrade, FOX shocks and stabilizers, along with RECOIL traction bars. While there are some similarities between the 2005-2016 and the 2017, the bulk of the suspension is a redesign to achieve optimal suspension geometry and performance. When finished, this 6″ C/O System will make room for 38×13.50×20 Nitto Trail Grappler tires on 20×10 XD Machette wheels.

From here we’ll be finishing up the suspension install, bolting on a set of one-off aluminum Fusion bumpers to match out “aluminum theme”, adding the Baja Designs LED lighting, mounting up the Warn winch, installing the Bushwacker flares and Amp Research powersteps, build a rack system to go over our Bestop Supertop along with other odds and ends. Stay tuned for the next update, the build is about to come together fast. Check out the latest update video on YouTube.

bds-17f250-renderingfinal-bdWith last week’s announcement of BDS Project Ascension, our 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty expedition truck the build got underway with a visit to Image First Graphics in Fort Wayne, IN to get the truck wrapped. The plan here was to promote the truck’s new aluminum body with a 2-tone metallic vinyl wrap using 3M’s brushed aluminum vinyl at the bottom and 3M brushed metallic black on top with a cosmic blue pin stripe to break up the 2 colors. There are still a few things to wrap like the grille and installing the BDS logos on the sides of the truck, but we’ve got to get the truck back in the shop to start on the rest of the transformation. From here the truck goes under the knife as the BDS team installed some extra altitude under the truck with some new suspension parts and start adding the other accessories on the way to the shop. We’ve got several upgrade including Fusion bumpers, Baja Designs LED lighting, Warn winch, Factor 55 flatlink, BDS 6″ suspension lift with FOX shocks and RECOIL traction bars, 38″ Nitto tires, 20″ XD wheels, Bestop Supertop, a custom rack system, Amp Research power steps and more coming up next. Stay tuned for updates as this build takes shape over the next 4 weeks for the 2016 SEMA Show.

Check out the latest update video on Project Ascension (View On YouTube)

introAfter months of anticipation the 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks are rolling out and starting to hit the dealership lots for mass consumption. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Super Duty features a stronger chassis, lighter weight, and increased payload. Following suit with the 2015 release of the F150, the Super Duty now touts an aluminum body and and tons of new technology packed in. After a generation of frame flex with a c-channel frame the new 2017 trucks are using a fully boxed frame for increased rigidity. Under the hood the truck is offered with a 6.2L V8 gas, but we all know the majority will opt for the 6.7L Power Stroke turbo diesel putting out 440 HP stock and a monstrous 925 lb/ft of torque. As for styling, some may say (me included) that the new boxy front end and plain body styling is step in the wrong direction from the good looks of the 2011-2016 Super Duty, but you can’t deny its cutting edge for truck technology with tons of new cameras, sensors, and technology packed inside and out.

17f250sThe team here at BDS Suspension has been anxiously awaiting the new trucks and have big plans for kit development on the F250, F350, and F450 platforms. We’ve been sourcing several trucks and our engineering team has been hard at work developing a variety of suspension lift options for the redesigned 2017 suspension that will be hitting the market in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned for more info as kits start shipping. Along with sourcing trucks for new product development, we just picked up our own 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT, crew cab, short bed diesel to join the BDS fleet. This truck will be utilized everything from new product development and testing, towing and show duties, marketing and company promotional efforts over the next couple years. Now this isn’t our first time building a promotional truck, over the years we’ve build some memorable rigs like Project Raider (2015 Chevy 2500), the BDS Colorado (2015 Chevy Colorado), Project Slate (2013 RAM 3500), the BDS F250 (2012 Ford F250), Project KJ (2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel) and plenty of others.  For this 2017 Ford Super Duty we’ve got big plans, and a short deadline. We’ll be building this truck to highlight the new aluminum body and its offroad capability turning our new Super Duty into capable expedition/overlanding prepped rig. With less than 6 weeks till we hit the road for SEMA, the crunch is on to add suspension lift and accessories, wheels and tires, bumpers, lights, recovery gear, performance mods, extra storage and more before we hit the road for Vegas. Stay tuned for updates as we overhaul our 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty dubbed Project Ascension over the next several weeks.

Watch the Project Ascension Intro Video: (Go To Link)

Project Ascension Rendering: