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  1. Chris Sanders
    Chris Sanders at | | Reply

    I have brackets for traction bars but no traction bars. Bought the truck like that. I was wondering if you sell the recoil traction bars by itself with out the brackets? From the video I watched the brackets on my truck are look identical to the ones in the video. If you don’t it’s not a big deal just thought the recoil traction bars looked pretty cool. Thanks,

  2. J.T.
    J.T. at | | Reply

    Any chance these will be available for the 1/2 ton coil spring Rams? It’s all I’m missing on my Fox/BDS equipped ’14!!!

      CHRISTIAN R LEONHARDT at | | Reply

      I have this full kit for my 2018 f350.
      The bushings on one of my end are blown out. Do you sell just the ends?

  3. David Diaz
    David Diaz at | | Reply

    Hello, I have an F250 Crew Cab with the Amp Research power steps. Would there be any installation issues? Thanks.

  4. Wil
    Wil at | | Reply

    Will the universal one be able to fit a 2007 f150 with a 6-7.5″ lift

  5. Patrick
    Patrick at | | Reply

    Do these fit 2008 Ram 3500 dually? and since these recoil will this maintain the stock load/pull capacity like a ladder bar?

  6. Frex
    Frex at | | Reply

    Will i be able to keep my air bags in on my 2007 f350

  7. Garett
    Garett at | | Reply

    Is there any update when these might come out for the 2007-2013 gmc/Chevy 1500. Been patiently waiting for a set as my truck is in dire need for them with my 6″ bds lift

  8. Mark
    Mark at | | Reply

    I’ve got a 06 F350 crew long bed with an 8-inch BDS system on it. Are you going to have the recoil traction bars for a long bed anytime soon.

  9. Mark
    Mark at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter.

  10. Tony Novak
    Tony Novak at | | Reply

    Great Looking product. I have a 2016 Ford F250, Diesel …. I’ve leveled it, and put the appropriate Length Rancho RS9000 Shocks on. I’m Running 35 Inch Toyo’s, on 20 Inch Worx wheels, wondering if these traction bars will fit my rig. If so, I think you have a New customer.
    Thank you …..

  11. Rick
    Rick at | | Reply

    Will their be any noise, squeaks or rattling with these traction bars, I will be using them on a 2015 ford F-350 SWB platinum and a 2015 f-250 a King Ranch SWB?

  12. Austin Voorhees
    Austin Voorhees at | | Reply

    Is there anyway I can get just the mounts for a 2014 f250 6.7 crewcab short box?

  13. Tony Novak
    Tony Novak at | | Reply

    WOW … I got my BDS Recoil Traction bars Mounted. You guys shipped them out to Sound + Logic in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Had to change the location of my Compressor and Air tank for my Train Horns ….. But that was to be expected. These Traction Bars are Wicked Nice. Very Happy and they make my 2016 F250 Look even sweeter than before. The ride is really great, NO Noise, Nothing, VERY pleased with them. Waited a long time for a traction bar like this. Thanks for an Awesome product.


  14. Justin
    Justin at | | Reply

    I just dropped my 2014 Silverado 1500 off at trail quest in Ohio to get the recoil bars installed tomorrow. How often do you need to grease the bars?

  15. Matt Riordan
    Matt Riordan at | | Reply

    Are these traction bars going to be coming out for the the 5-15 Tacomas. I have a 13 with those Pro-Comp ones. They keep rusting out…..It’s time for a change. It would be nice to install these to complement my 6″ BDS lift.

  16. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Will these fit on a 2016 3500 Ram dually 4×4?
    I have installed the BDS 4 link 4″ lift and would like to add traction bars.

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  18. Woody
    Woody at | | Reply

    Will you have a kit to fit a 2016 Regular Cab 4×4 Z71 any time soon?

  19. Wes
    Wes at | | Reply

    I put too much grease in my traction bars and blew both o-rings out. Rocky from Tuff Trucks is tuning my lift next week and will have him re-insert the o-rings. My question is how difficult is it to fix yourself if it ever happened again? And are the o-rings 1 1/4″? Do I need to replace with new O-Rings? Thanks

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  21. Trevor
    Trevor at | | Reply

    I have a 03 f250 with 8″ of lift will the recoil bars work with that?

  22. Treavor
    Treavor at | | Reply

    Does BDS offer traction bars for the 2015 F150 with a 6″ BDS lift kit installed?

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  24. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    I have 2017 F-350 SRW short bed, 4″ axle tube, are you working on a mounting kit and bar for it? When will it be out? I have 6″ lift.

  25. Steve Massie
    Steve Massie at | | Reply

    I am running you 1509 2.5 inch lift with a 5 inch rear block on my 2016 F-350 srw. I also have a titan 50 gal replacement fuel tank will your bars work with a titan tank? Also I haven’t seen a recommendation as to where the bar adjustment should be set for everyday driving and towing? Do the bar springs still allow some axle wrap?

  26. Derek Fulwider
    Derek Fulwider at | | Reply

    Carter, I have an 04 Excursion with an 8 inch lift. Rear axle was replaced with one from an F250 a few years ago. Would either the short or long bed mount kit work to install on my EX? I assume from the pictures I’ve seen of the front mounts that they require a flat section of frame to mount to. What’s the difference between the SB and LB mounting kits?

  27. Kevin Baker
    Kevin Baker at | | Reply

    Hi there the application chart says the Ford long box mounting brackets will fit a 99-up but when you go to the page it says 05-up. I want to clarify which one is correct. I am thinking about a set but my Ford is an 04. Also do you have any distributors in Alberta Canada. Thank you, Kevin

  28. Kevin Baker
    Kevin Baker at | | Reply

    Also are they 100% bolt on. No welding required?

  29. Joe
    Joe at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 F250 King Ranch short bed crew cab. I’m looking to do a 6″-8″ 4 link lift and also do the recoil trac bars…what are all of the part numbers I would need to do this?

  30. Nate Lehman
    Nate Lehman at | | Reply

    I’m worried about the springs breaking over time, and noise after a while. Will either of these be an issue. My Superduty is not my DD, but I do pull a car trailer around from time to time, and take it camping pulling 3-4 four wheelers. I just can’t stand the axle wrap. It has a 4″ lift and sees light off-roading getting to our camp site a few times a year.

  31. Jorge
    Jorge at | | Reply

    Hey Carter –

    I have a 2011 Toyota Tundra Crewmax (2WD) with the 5.5 bed. I get a little axle wrap but nothing major. I understand these new RECOIL’s will help with that, but my main object right now is trying to beef up the rear to tow my 7,500lbs travel trailer. I’ve considered adding a leaf or air bags but have had mixed responses from various people I’ve talked to. If these RECOIL’s have 3000 lbs/in of adjustable resistance do you think they will handle the load once my trailer is hooked up? In other words, can I pre-set the setting on them prior to hooking up the trailer then re-set it depending on how much sagging down the weight causes prior to adjusting the weight distribution bars on the trailer? I’d like to consider these bars to accomplish both, correct axle wrap and be able to stabilize the load/haul. Can these two be done?…Thank you…Jorge

  32. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    I put these on my lifted 2012 f250 they work great but my concern is the rear brackets are touching my U bolts. I have tried to adjust them every possible way but they still make contact. Is this going to cause me any problems?

  33. Shawn
    Shawn at | | Reply

    I ordered a set of these for my 14 F350, two weeks ago. The vendor is blaming the delay on BDS. Saying that the items ship direct from the warehouse. They told me these bars are in high demand and production is holding up shipping. They’re telling me they emailed BDS and can’t get a response from them. Is this true? Sounds like a load bs to me. Not too happy at the moment, BDS and the vendor got their money….. now I sit empty handed without even having a shipped notice two weeks later.

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  35. Scooter
    Scooter at | | Reply

    Just have one question, can the recoil bars be powdered coated a different color without disassembling? just wondering if internals can handle the heat.


  36. kyle
    kyle at | | Reply

    quick question, I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 lifted 7-7.5″. will the Recoil kit still work? Thanks for your time.

  37. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    Hello, I have a 2005 F250 SD, Harley edition with an 8″ BDS lift kit. Could you give me the part numbers I need to purchase the correct brackets, etc. I currently have a homemade kit I welded and bracketed myself, it it is not holding up very well.

  38. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    2 part question…looking for taction bars for my 2010 f-450 CC LB dually 4wd.

    q1. this f-450 has a dana 110 rear axle….do you have a mounting kit for that?

    q2 if you do not have a mounting kit…I know I cam by a generic traction bar eyelet plate that mounts to the bottom of my leaf spring clamp bracket…..would you be able to sell just the front side of the mounting kit…obviously would not need the rear portions.

    thank you

  39. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    do you or are you going to make a mounting bracket that will fit the 2017 F-250 with the Dana M275 rear end?

  40. Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee at | | Reply

    Will the traction bars fit with airlift 5000 installed? (2017 f250 4×4)

  41. Jack
    Jack at | | Reply

    I’ve got a 02 Ford Excursion 4Wd with an 4-inch lift on it. Do you have recoil traction bars for it ?

  42. William Faber
    William Faber at | | Reply

    Do you have a kit that will work with 04 excursion 5 in lift. Thank you

  43. Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson at | | Reply

    Hold off on the bolt hitting statement I made 4 now.

  44. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    Are the heim joints covered under warranty because mine are popping and clunking like crazy ended up replacing U joints and carrier bearing only to find out it was the heims on the bars. Appears to be a pretty common issue.

  45. Christian
    Christian at | | Reply

    What is the differences of these bars and a normal 1 with no spring what are the benefits and are they good for more of a race truck my diesel make 850hp will they brake or are they more for off road and judt driving normal.

  46. Barry Russell
    Barry Russell at | | Reply

    Hey, I have a 2017 Chev. Silverado 2500 HD Duramax. Purchased in Feb.’17, we installed a BDS 6.5″ with Fox upgrade and Recoil traction bars. Wheels and rims are 12×20″ Havok -24 with 35″ x 12.5 toyo rt’s. A couple months ago I began hearing a “rattle” coming from under the truck when traveling slow speed on bumpy roads. We checked everything under the sun and find nothing loose or amiss. Is it possible that traction bars are causing this noise and need to be adjusted. We thought our next move would to be remove traction bars and see if noise disappears. This rig is a pavement princess and has not been off road or abused. I will begin towing a bit with it in the next month. Any thoughts?

    MARTIN LOPEZ at | | Reply

    hello will these work on a 2014 ford f150 supercab wuth a 6in lift

  48. David
    David at | | Reply

    Does the kit work with airlift 5000. On a 07 ram 3500 Megacab?

  49. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    I have a 2020 Ford F-350 crew cab short bed with air bags installed & will be towing a 35ft 5th Wheel Toyhauler. Thinking about a set of these Recoil Traction Bars, but, the axle brackets that come in the kit won’t work. Is it possible to get under the axle mount plates which bolts on using the factory U-bolts?

  50. Travis Slone
    Travis Slone at | | Reply

    will these work on a 2011 f250 with a 8 inch lift if not can the front bracket be moved back to make them work

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