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  1. Jason t
    Jason t at | | Reply

    Waiting for the 2019 stuff! When?

  2. Richard Reynolds
    Richard Reynolds at | | Reply

    Do these allow additional tire clearance over stock UCA’s? I have a leveled 2012 Ram 1500 with 295/60R20 tires and if i turn all the way in one direction or the other the tire rubs the front of the UCA’s. Not bad enough to leave a mark on the tires, but still would rather have no rubbing at all

    1. Richard Reynolds
      Richard Reynolds at | | Reply

      Stock wheels

  3. Jesse J
    Jesse J at | | Reply

    Have a 6” pro comp lift and installing Bilstein 5100 set at 1.4” on a 1/2 ton 2015 ram. will the BDS #122151 uca kit work better than the oem uca?

  4. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Guys on the ram forums with the 5th gen Ram DT’s have installed after market control arms designed for the 2006-2018 on their 2019 trucks becuase they didn’t want to wait and claim they fit perfect and alignment was perfectly in spec. Have you guys tried the 2006-2018 arms on the new 2019 Ram?

  5. Rudy Gomez Lazalde
    Rudy Gomez Lazalde at | | Reply

    Will the upper control arms work on factory air suspension,? Ram 2013 4×4 1500

  6. Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia at | | Reply

    Would these work on the air ride suspension with the 4in bds lift kit for a 2016 ram rebel?

  7. Auric.R Bischoff
    Auric.R Bischoff at | | Reply

    How come these upper control arms do not come for the 2005 models?

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