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Ranger X – Build Update #2

New 2019 Ford Ranger, check. Complete teardown of suspension and removal of bed, check. Frame cut and extended 10″to accomodate the Knapheide service box with 136″ wheelbase, check. Nearing the end of our second full week with this truck we’ve made a lot of progress prototyping the suspension. Using a mix of CAD sourced from Ford and raw measurement taken off our Ranger we’ve designed the complete IFS system from the ground up to improve this trucks performance with clearance for the larger 35” BFG tires we have planned to go under it. At this point the prototype crossmembers, differential relocation brackets, upper control arms and FOX coilovers have been cut, welded and are test fitted. This setup will correct the suspension geometry at 6” of lift while keeping all driveline angles in check. The last thing we’re waiting on are the steering knuckles. We just got the prototype knuckle castings in from the foundry. Right now they’re over in our manufacturing plant getting CNC machined on our Mazak so they’ll be ready to install.

In the rear of this truck we’ve begun mocking up the new suspension setup as well. Being the frame on his truck was extended 10” we will need to build new spring perches and extend the brake lines, wiring and rear driveshaft. Even though this service box is built out of aluminum, its heavier than the factory box and with all the gear we’re planning to load up we need a heavier spring pack. Being that we’re already building new perches for the truck we’re swapping out the factory monoleaf setup for a BDS multileaf spring pack using a set of BDS GM1500 leaf springs that should give the ride height and load capacity we’re looking for and pairing them with a set of FOX 3.0 piggyback shocks. For good measure, we’ve also called up our friends at AirLift to add in a set of air bags to help support extra more weight as needed.

While all of this is going on, we’ve also got a few guys fabbing up the adventure rack to mount on top of the service bed. This will give us even more storage for things like fuel cans, offroad lighting, retractable awning and other offroad essentials. The rack will be fitted to 3 sides of the truck and left open in the back to give us room to mount a dirt bike in the back. We’ve been mocking things up to figure out the best positioning to mount the bike and other gear going in the back of this Ranger.

At this point the service box has been on and off several times as we figure out logistics for things like the fuel filler, suspension, and steps. Rather than go with the standard cab length nerf steps we wanted to build a set of custom rock rail capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle and offering rocker protection. This set we’re mocking up will integrate a step for easier access to the bed.

With all this attention being given to the back of the truck we wanted to make sure the front is ready as well. In place of the factory stamped steel bumpers we’re test fitting Warn’s prototype Ascent Series winch bumper on the truck. This will allow us to install a Warn 10,000 lb winch and auxiliary lighting while offering up additional protection.

That’s all to report on this week, stay tuned for next week’s update as we continue to prep this truck for SEMA. Check out more of the build progress photos below.

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