BDS-daytona truck meet

Event Recap

This year’s event brought in over 25k people to the track and, according to the Chief of Police, 80k people to the city.

Instead of the original 40’x80’ space, our booth ended up being 80’x120’, thus we needed to do a last minute request for additional booth vehicles via social media. Thankfully it did not take long to fill those positions. Our booth setup consisted of 14 vehicles in total, a 10’x10’ BDS tent and a 10’ inflatable pool. The pool made our booth the place to be to cool off during the hot weekend.

This show continues to grow each year by gaining more attention from spectators and other vendors from around the world. This year’s event brought attendees from as far away as Australia, but also included people from other countries such as Canada and Qatar.

We went to this show with some custom-made t-shirts. These were a big hit among those that displayed their vehicles in our booth. They said it made them feel like they were part of a family, and that BDS looks at their customers as more than just a number. We also received quite a bit of post-show feedback on the t-shirts from people at the show. They kept saying how much they liked them and that every time they turned around they saw someone wearing one.

In the recent weeks BDS has been working hard on its newest project. Daytona Truck Meet was the perfect place for the debut of our newest project, #ProjectRenaissance. This Ford Alumiduty received a lot of attention. There will be more to come on the newest addition to the BDS fleet so stay tuned! For now we have some images to give you a nice look at this rig.

A big highlight for our team out at the event was meeting Country Music star, Kane Brown. Brown stopped by the BDS booth to discuss builds specs on his truck. We are looking forward to getting this next project in place. Kane was was willing to take a photo with us and hang out at our booth for a bit. It was great to meet such a down to earth guy and talk our favorite subject, lifted trucks.

Overall it was a great weekend at the Daytona Truck Meet, and the BDS brand was everywhere at this show. Between the large amount of vehicles displayed around the show on BDS kits, the bags that we sponsored for the event, people taking pictures in the booth for social media, and having the BDS Alumiduty on display at night in One Daytona, there was no end to the amount of exposure BDS received. We look forward to this event every year, and this year is no different. See us at Daytona Truck Meet 2020.


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