BDS Suspension adds to its lineup suspension lift kits and accessories for the redesigned 2019 RAM 1500 4WD trucks with new 6” Performance Coilover Systems. Specially designed for next level performance and capability, these new systems feature BDS’s tried and true high clearance suspension design along with FOX 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers. As with all BDS lift kits, these new kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for piece of mind wherever your adventures may take you. Factory Protection Plus includes BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty, ESC system compatibility and a 5-year 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty. Upgrade your new RAM 1500 with BDS and FOX.

Product Description

6” C/O Lift Systems for the 2019 RAM 1500 4WD Trucks

Kit Info

#1637F - 6” C/O System $4,466.18
#88402231 - C/O Upgrade $1959.95

Vehicle Fitment

2019 RAM 1500 4WD*
2019 RAM 1500 Rebel 4WD*
*non-AirRide only

Kit Features

  • Designed to correct suspension, steering and driveline geometry
  • FOX 2.5 RR coilovers and 2.0 IFP shocks for next level performance
  • High clearance laser cut crossmembers maximize ground clearance
  • Ductile iron steering knuckles for strength and ESC system compatibility
  • Multipoint differential relocation brackets to correct CV angles
  • Allows fitment of up to 37" tires
  • Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

    37x12.50 Tires on 17x9 Wheels (4.5” BS)
    37x12.50 Tires on 18x9/20x9 Wheels (4.5-5” BS)
    *other sizes can be used, trimming may be necessary

    Available Accessories

    #122251 - Performance UCA Kit
    #122402 – Carrier Bearing Drop

    Factory Protection Plus
    • 5-year, 100K-mile Drivetrain Warranty
    • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

    Prior to ordering, verify listings with BDS sales team to ensure listings are up to date

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    6" Lift Kit - 2019 Dodge Ram
    2019 RAM Rebel with BDS 6" Lift Kit

    BDS 6" RAM 1500 Coilover Lift Systems:
    Take your new 2019 RAM 1500 to the next level with the new 6” performance coilover systems from BDS Suspension. Based around the tried and true high clearance technology that has made BDS the go to for RAM suspension lifts, these systems have been designed from the ground up to get more out of your new RAM. This new 6” coilover system offers smooth on-road comfort while providing impressive off-road performance and capability with clearance for 35-37” tires.

    Performance comes from a pair of precision tuned FOX 2.5 factory series remote reservoir coilovers engineered to outperform on and offroad as they soak up the terrain. These coilovers are preset for the correct lift height right out of the box to provide optimal performance and direct bolt-in replacement for the factory strut assemblies. They feature a smooth bore and honed seamless alloy body, 7/8" hardened steel carbon shaft, Eibach coil springs and black anodized machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum mounts along with remove reservoirs with mounting brackets. Along with these coilovers these new 6” coilover systems utilize a pair of 1/4" thick laser cut high clearance crossmembers to maximize clearance and provide a solid mounting point for the OE lower control arms. These paired with the heavy duty front skid plate system create a rigid subframe while adding protection for vital steering and driveline components. In place of the factory steering knuckles a pair of specially designed ductile iron replacement steering knuckles are supplied to maintain proper steering geometry for ESC system compatibility. These connect to the factory steering with a pair of heavy duty replacement tie rod ends included in the kit. The front differential is repositioned with BDS’s multipoint relocation bracket system to secure the front differential and keep CV axle angles at a minimum.  A billet aluminum front driveshaft spacer is also supplied along with longer hardware to allow the reinstallation of the factory driveshaft. Rounding out the front of this kit are a pair of stainless steel braided extended brake line and sway bar relocation brackets.

    In the rear of this 6” lift system the factory coil springs are replaced with 5” ProRide coil springs to level the stance. With the additional ride height the rear suspension geometry is corrected with control arm relocation brackets, a bolt-on rear track bar relocation bracket to recenter the axle, extended length sway bar links to correct operating angle, and bump stop extensions to properly limit up travel. For the rear of these systems a pair of FOX 2.0 IFP performance series gas shocks are utilized to offer improved damper performance in rough terrain and a smooth ride on the highway. All kits come finished in a durable textured black powdercoat and sent with all hardware packs to complete the install along with step-by-step installation instructions. All BDS kits include Factory Protection Plus for the ultimate extended warranty to include BDS’s No Fine Print Warranty, ESC System compatibility and a 5year-100mile drivetrain warranty to match the dealer. Improve the look and capability of your 2019 RAM 1500 truck with this new 6” performance coilover system from BDS Suspension.

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    9 Comments on “6″ Coilover Lift Systems | 2019 RAM 1500 Trucks | NPA #346
    • MARK DOWSWELL says:


      • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

        Hey Mark, our kits are designed to integrate with the stock ESC system. Grand West will be able to service you with the sales/install.

        1637H uses the standard (base) kit with front strut spacers and BDS NX2 rear shocks
        1637FS uses the standard (base) kit with front strut spacers and FOX 2.0 rear shocks
        1637F uses the same base components and upgrades to FOX 2.5 RR front coilovers and FOX 2.0 rear shocks

        • Aldo says:

          hey carter my name is Aldo and just bought a 2019 dodge ram classic tell me what kit is the best for a 6 inch lift and how much canadian i live in Belleville Ont thanks looking forward in hearing from you.

          • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

            Hey Aldo,
            A 2019 RAM 1500 Classic uses the 2013-2018 chassis suspension. You can check out the kits here. All of our 6″ sytems are based around the same high clearance IFS suspension system designed to correct suspension, steering and drivetrain geoemtry with clearance for up to 37″ tires. All kits will include crossmembers, steering knuckles, multipoint differential brackets, sway bar link extensions, rear ProRide coil springs to level out the stance, rear track bar bracket and control arm relocation brackets and more. The main difference between the kits is the front shock/spring setup. Our standard kit uses a top mounted strut spacer with the factory strut (retains factory ride quality) where as our high end options convert over to FOX 2.5 factory series coilovers with a remote reservoir (for improved on/offroad performance and damper capability). These coilovers are available with a standard reservoir to help circulate the fluid for cooler operating temps as well as a DSC reservoir which gives you the ability to vary the high speed and low speed compression damping to set how soft and firm the ride quality will be. In addition to the kits we also offer high strength upper control arms (UCAs) that allow for more suspension travel than the factory arms

            When it comes to choosing the “best” kit that will depend on your budget and how you plan to use the truck. The coilovers offer impressive high-speed offroad performance, but if all you use your truck for driving (on-road) around town then my answer would be different as to the best kit for your needs.

            As far as pricing you can check out site for USD pricing and info, at this time we don’t offer manufacturer direct shipping outside of the US so you’ll need to purchase through one of our Canadian distributors. To find your nearest distributor check out

    • Michael Fulk says:

      Checking on release of lift systems for 2020 Ram Rebel w/o air ride, 4″ or 6″? Will the 4′ only be available with spacer vs. coil over option? With either will factory 18″ Rebel wheels work with these kits? Thanks!

      • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

        Hey Michael,
        Both the 4″ and 6″ kits use the same base components (crossmembers, differential relocation, steering knuckles, etc). Currently we’re only planning to offer the coilovers pre-set for 6″ of lift. That said the preload collar on these coilovers can be adjusted to set the ride height around 4.5″ of lift if you choose to do so using a spanner wrench (ours is #129600). For more on that topic contact BDS sales/customer service at (517) 279-2135 or reach out to your local BDS dealer ( With both kits replacement steering knuckles are provided to correct steering angles to ESC system compatibility. Due to the new steering arm mount factory 17-18″ wheels cannot be bolted back on due to the large factory backspacing. While we always recommend using aftermarket wheels with the correct 4.5-5″ backspacing, wheel spacers are another option to achieve our recommended backspacing measurement with your factory wheels.

        In additional option to keep in mind, along with the 4″ and 6″ kits we offer currently, we’ll also be offering a 2.5″ coilover system for these trucks very soon as well. We’ll have more info on the kit once available, but you can see a sneak peek of it from our SEMA booth video at (skip ahead to 1:42)

    • Michael Fulk says:


    • David Rose says:

      I have a quick question on these. I have a 2020 Ram Rebel and I am working with a shop to order and install the 6″ Coilover system. I believe they may have order this for a 2019 and not 2020. Is there a huge difference, or are these essentially the same kits?


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