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  1. Annette Ness
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    Hi, I’m a pitbull lover. My son is in jail for DUI and has a pitbull, I desperately need a home for him. GREAT dog gets along with every dog hes with I have no fence on my rental property and animal control has been called sooo many times, I’m getting evicted because of him and need temp home until I find one. Plase write me back. My sister who rescues animals told me about you so I hope to hear from you. I just moved from Tehachapi and YOU GO GIRL, I also worked as a Recreation Therapist for DEpt Correction and KNOW good guys make mistakes! This breed needs a new identity not the vicious rep they have. Please write soon. Desperate to save this dog (Annette)

    1. BDS
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      Sorry to hear about your son, unfortunately we can’t help with the dog. You would need to contact the VRC in regards to finding a home for your pit bull.

  2. Chris JANKOSKI
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    Wow reading this makes me like the company so much and glad that the shop I work at (eatsern truck and accessories) sell so many of your lifts

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