BDS Suspension has teamed up with Ben Lifted 4WD, Mickey Thompson, Warn, and Iron Cross Automotive to help out the Villalobos Rescue Center with the move to their new location in the Tehachapi Mountains of California. The Villalobos Rescue Center, which is largely known for the show “Pit Bulls and Parolees” on the Animal Planet, has made improvements and has expanded into its new space. While the increased space was much needed, they’ve found it does come with some drawbacks. The terrain makes it difficult for the day to day operations as the vehicles kept getting stuck in the mud and snow. Their work vehicles consist of a ’93 Jeep Wrangler 4×4, a ’94 Chevy Tahoe 4×4, and a ’98 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4. With the help of BDS Distributor Ben Lifted 4WD providing all the installs, Tia and the crew at the Villalobos Rescue Center will be much more capable around their new facility. BDS Suspension is providing the lift kits, Mickey Thompson- the wheels and tires, Warn- the winches, and Iron Cross- the Bumpers. A much needed upgrade to a very deserving organization rescuing dogs and helping provide them with a better life, love and attention. Stay tuned for photos of the finished  trucks and the dogs!

From Villalobos Rescue Center-Pit Bulls & Parolees
3 Comments on “Villalobos Rescue Center- Pit Bulls and Parolees
  • Annette Ness says:

    Hi, I’m a pitbull lover. My son is in jail for DUI and has a pitbull, I desperately need a home for him. GREAT dog gets along with every dog hes with I have no fence on my rental property and animal control has been called sooo many times, I’m getting evicted because of him and need temp home until I find one. Plase write me back. My sister who rescues animals told me about you so I hope to hear from you. I just moved from Tehachapi and YOU GO GIRL, I also worked as a Recreation Therapist for DEpt Correction and KNOW good guys make mistakes! This breed needs a new identity not the vicious rep they have. Please write soon. Desperate to save this dog (Annette)

    • BDS says:

      Sorry to hear about your son, unfortunately we can’t help with the dog. You would need to contact the VRC in regards to finding a home for your pit bull.

  • Chris JANKOSKI says:

    Wow reading this makes me like the company so much and glad that the shop I work at (eatsern truck and accessories) sell so many of your lifts


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