BDS Suspension is put to the test every day on trails all over this country and elsewhere around the world. We take every measure to ensure quality products and back them by a lifetime no fine print warranty. Matt Stolarczyk out of Denver, CO built his Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ to wheel on the Rocky Mountains. With the help of BDS Distributor High Country Performance 4×4, he lifted the ZJ 6.5” with BDS’s Long Arm Lift Kit, 35” BFG Mud Terrain KM2 on Steel Rims. Recently Matt involuntarily put his rig to the test after being plowed into by a truck that ran a stop light. After rolling the Jeep 3 times, Matt and his BDS Suspension were unscathed, however the Jeep didn’t fare so well.

“I rolled 3 times. Guess what? the BDS long arm kit held up. the control arms on the side of the impact snapped axle side control arm brackets but the arms had not a scratch. surprisingly the 35″ km2 made it too.. now i can tell everyone how strong your kit really is =)”- Matt S.

Matt unbolted the BDS 6.5” Long Arm Lift Kit and other parts that he could and is on the hunt for his next project ZJ. We’re glad to hear you’re alright Matt, and make sure to send us photos of your new project when completed.

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