BDS Wheels Moab for EJS2022

Moab = Mecca of offroading. Its one of my favorite places to be, between breathtaking, awe-inspiring views, a wide variety of trails and terrain to challenge even the seasoned wheelers, Moab continues to be one of our favorite spots to make it out to each year.

Despite the name Easter Jeep Safari is not limited to just Jeeps. While they are the prominent vehicle on out navigating the array of trails, there are Toyotas, Broncos, UTVs, buggies, fullsize rigs and more out partaking in the festivities.


BDS made it our this year with a slew of vehicles from our old faithful Project KJ to the latest build the Fire Command Bronco. Also in the mix was the fullsize Project Go Beyond, a few JLs and our tow rigs to hit the trails and explore all Moab has to offer. From old favorites likes Hell's Revenge and Poison Spider Mesa to the challenge of Pritchett Canyon and Moab Rim, all of our rigs saw some action curing the week. Temps and conditions varied wildly from sunny in the 70s to snow and rain making for some interesting trail conditions.



Our honey badger, Project KJ our diesel Liberty on 40s is just a beast out on the trail. You point it and it just goes. After a few years off of the rotation, we brought the KJ back to Moab and she didn't disappoint. Check out the feature on this rig from out in Moab here.


Out for its first adventure in the red rocks of Moab, our newest build Project Fire Command handled its own out on the trails. While its not intended to be the rock crawling monster that some of our other rigs are capable of, this 2021 Ford Bronco proved its IFS is up the the challenge taking on a variety of trails and terrains throughout the week. Sporting the soon to be released BDS 4 coilover system with FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coilovers on 37s, this "SEMA" rig turned heads all week long.



Of the many activities, trail rides and parties that take place throughout the week around Moab, one we were excited to take part on was a trail cleanup organized by the Ford Bronco team in partnership with the Sons of Smokey Wilderness Defense, the Bronco Fund and Bronco Nation.

More more on this trial cleanup check out Sons of Smokey Trail Cleanup.


What's Next!?

Next up, we head for a total change of terrain/vibe as we (and most of the other companies in attendance) head for the sun and sand of Daytona Beach, FL. Just one week after Easter Jeep Safari kicks off Jeep Beach as 10,000+ Jeeps converge on Daytona. Stay tuned for more...

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