A few weeks back, the BDS Suspension backed Desert Concepts race team took on the prestigious Mint 400. Over the years the Mint has built a reputation for being one of the toughest desert races in the states bringing the top racers from around the country and beyond to compete. The Mint is more than a race, it’s an experience. In the days prior to event Fremont St. is taken over as offroad racing’s converge on Las Vegas. KOH founder and car owner, Dave Cole piloted the #4454 against the pack of 325 entrants, bringing home a 2nd place in class finish despite having mechanical issues, electrical gremlins, and down right bad luck.  Check out some of the in car footage from the start of the race with Desert Concepts and the #4454 car:

And for a  great video of the 2012 Mint 400 action and to get a feel for all the events that go on out in the desert, check out Heavy Metal Concepts’ latest production:

Congratulations to Dave Cole and the Desert Concepts team on the stellar race! For a list of future events, make sure to check out Ultra 4 Race Schedule and the Lucus Oil Series Schedule. And to read the complete race report, click the Mint 400 Race Report.

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