IMG_5302Project KJ Update: The Fab Life

It’s been a couple days since we updated you on Project KJ, our ’05 Liberty CRD for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure (UA) hosted by 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. This week the guys running full steam to getting this Jeep prepped, with tons of fab work still needing to take place and off the shelf parts arriving daily. This week the suspension and steering work continued, t-case was installed, radiator and intercooler arrived and mocked into location, and body work began to cap off the rear window chop. Only 12 days remain until this Jeep needs to hit the road for the secret start point of UA and the guys are starting to feel the pressure.

To get a lower 4Lo range, we went with a NP-241 Rocktrac case out of a JK Rubicon. This will give us 4.0:1 low range and help improve its crawling capabilities. The case bolted right up to our 545RFE tranny, no indexing or body mods needed. Driveshafts are being sourced from Drivelines Lines Plus and should be hear the first part of next week. Pac Racing dropped off the springs to fit our Fox 2.5 coilovers. We went with 12x3x250 and 14x3x350 up front for the weight of the diesel, winch and tubework and stuck with a 12x3x200 and 14x3x300 coil for the rear. Shocks are being assembled to reinstall on soon.

The new radiator, cooler, and electric fan are being mocked up and plumbed. Our Warn 9.0 Rc will mount below (recessed into the front bumper) along with a pair of Rigid dually lights. Air intake, winch controller, C/O reservoir mounts, and PSC steering pump/resevoir still need to be installed. Nothing like trying to cram 10lbs of $#!T into a 5lb bag. Time is not on our side at this point, stay tuned for more updates are this Jeep comes together.

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