BDS Project KJ: Parts/Progress on the Daily

There was plenty of commotion around the BDS R&D Shop when I stopped by Friday late afternoon. Seems the approaching deadline to have the KJ prepped in time for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure has brought the team together as they work to complete suspension, drivetrain, cage, body mods, fuel cell and more. I mentioned in the last post parts have been arriving on the daily are are prepped for install. There’s still a number of areas that require fabrication and finish welding. Suspension linkage is nearly completed and uses a 4-link front and triangulated 4-link rear. 14” stroke Fox 2.5 remote coilovers arrived and are awaiting a set of Pac Racing springs to be installed (will have more on the coil specs when they arrive). Fox 2.0 bump stops will be installed soon to help keep our soon to arrive 40” Nitto Trail Grapplers off of the fenders. Up front our PSC JK steering box has been mounted to a reinforced front “framerail” and accepts the OE steering shaft linkage. The “framerail” is being notched to allow the track bar clearance at full compression.

Parts awaiting to be installed are heavy duty ball joints and axle seals from Alloy USA, our Nitro 5.13 Gears, Nitro 30-spline front shafts and Air-Ox Locker front, ARB Air Locker rear and Nitro 35-spline shafts, JK NP-241 Rocktrac T-Case with 4.0:1 low range, and an ARB air compressor. A shiny new Warn 9.0 Rc winch is sitting on deck ready to get recess mounted into a front bumper that we will be built in the coming week(s) to protect the front end and the new radiator, intercooler, and electric fan we have to go in. Driveline’s Plus is building a custom set of driveshafts for us as we move towards having this Jeep Liberty CRD mobile again. The fuel cell is being built in CA and just for fun we opened up the sunroof hole to accept the larger 36×40” Sliding Ragtop. Plenty more to come on this project, stay tuned for updates and more.


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