BDS Project KJ update… it’s crunch time in the shop

With less than a week till the start of this year’s Ultimate Adventure the shop a bit chaotic right now, not to mention the fact that the vehicle still sits in 1000 pieces strewn across the R&D shop floor. A make-shift paint booth has been set up in the back corner as the the new BDS body/paint guy preps lays down the Anvil Gray paint on the doors and hood right now, followed by the fenders and body tonight/tomorrow. Wiring is getting buttoned up and drivetrain is being prepped to be reinstalled. The axles are pulled aside and the new Nitro shafts are assembled and installed, the PSC ram is being mounted, and heavy duty steering linkage is being fabbed up, and the axles trusses are being finish welded.  Radiator/intercoolers have been plumbed into the CRD and a custom intake was fabbed up to run from the factory turbo up into the front cowl. Check out the photos for more on the build and stay tuned as we hit the home stretch to have this KJ prepped to hit the road Friday for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure.

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