Many of you have followed along as Project KJ took shape over the last year. What started as a 2nd hand bone stock ’05 Jeep Liberty CRD was transformed last Spring into the unique low slung solid axled Liberty rolling 40s that you see today. We documented every step of the build with photos, videos, and weekly writeups as the BDS R&D team prepped it for a shakedown run on the 7-day, 1000+ mile offroad roadtrip known as Ultimate Adventure. Following that trip, bugs were worked out and its been out wheeling and promoting at shows around the country. During one weekend at nearby Rocks & Valleys Offroad Park in Harrison, MI we met up with John Herrick from Crawl Magazine who jumped at the chance to shoot the Liberty. Along the way John “crawled” behind the wheel (cheesy, I know) of the Liberty CRD for what ended up being the better half of an afternoon spent weaving through the trails and getting a feel for how a KJ on 40s handles.  In John’s words “they almost had to pry me out of it. You certainly don’t think you’re in a first gen Liberty when running this rig. I exited with my man-card still in my wallet”.

Out on the newstands January-February 2014, Issue No.44 of Crawl Magazine has 8-pages of ink on Project KJ in an article titled “40s on a Mall Crawler: How a Jeep grew up”. That article has plenty of shots of the KJ in action and tells about John’s experience behind the wheel of the mighty little coal roller. Pick up your copy and read all about the KJ and other great stories, tech and features in the magazine.

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