What do you get when a couple of guys start taking wrecked vehicles and putting them back together? A YouTube sensation! Who would have thought that these guys would have gained so much attention from taking something beat up and making it better than before. This team started with a wrecked Ferrari, then they rebuild a Lamborghini, and now (our personal favorite) a GMC Denali HD. We've been fans of the channel and were excited to see them choose BDS as they not only fixed and improved on this truck. While BDS got some love in Episode 9 of the build, follow along as the Goonzquad guys start with a wrecked truck bought at auction and overhaul it into a cool, capable, custom truck.

Build Specs:

Goonzquad plans to use this truck for everything from daily driver duties to tow rig duties as they continue to overhaul wrecked rides. Keep up-to-date with what these guys are up to next by watching their YoutTube Channel: goonzquad, following them on Facebook, or Instagram, @goonzquad.Ā  You can also view the GMC Denali HD rebuild episode series below.