If this is your first time checking in on BDS’s Project KJ build, check out the rest of the buildup to see how we’re transforming this ’05 Liberty CRD into a capable slow-slung trail rig to take on the 2013 Ultimate Adventure hosted by Petersen’s 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine. (Project KJ Build Link)

After a few weeks getting sidetracked on new product development projects, the guys down at BDS’s R&D shop found some time to continue working on Project KJ, our ’05 Liberty CRD. The biggest change, the top is gone. We did this for a few reasons; it allows us to store a full size 40″ spare tire and gear, makes the cage much more accessible so we can tie it into the rest of the unibody, and it just looks cool in my opinion. At this point its just a rough cut, we still plan to cut a bit more before closing the cab back off for a weather tight seal (hopefully).
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BDS Project KJ Update: Liberty on a Diet

Since our last update, our mighty little Project KJ went on a diet shedding excess unibody and bulky fuel tank as the guys prep for mounting the new steering, suspension, axles and 40” tires. After stripping down the front bumper support, inner fenders and firewall, we’re making progress towards our small lift/big tires goal. The stripped unibody looks very similar to a frame rail allowing us to tie in the cage, suspension mounts, and mount a steering box up front. Our plan is to run a OE style box with hydro assist for easy turning in precarious situations offroad. Which steering box setup will best suit the build and our limited space constraints… stay tuned for more information as we figure that out.

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BDS Project KJ Update: Mock Ups

While we’ve been out playing in Moab all week, BDS R&D has been busy working on Project KJ, the 2005 Jeep Liberty (KJ) CRD we’re building to take on the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. If this is the first you’re reading about this build, check out Project KJ Blog for more info on this project and to get up to speed.
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BDS Project KJ Update 2: Tear Down & Build Prep

If you’re just checking out the Project KJ build, the guys down at BDS R&D brought a plain jane ’05 Jeep Liberty (KJ) CRD into the shop to transform it into a low-slung trail rig to take on the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. To get up to speed on the project, check out the last post at (Project KJ, From Soccer Mom to Trail Rig).
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Project KJ, From Soccer Mom to Trail Rig

Here at BDS, we build, test, and wheel our rigs to make so we can be confident they’ll survive the abuse our customers put them through and back them with the only no fine print warranty in the business. We’ve built a number of company vehicles and are constantly developing new and innovative kits for popular truck and Jeep vehicles.

We are proud to be a part of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure, the week-long on/off-road excursion hosted by the guys over at 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. After attending years ago in our company Jeep TJ, we’ve learned a bit more about building a rig that will not only perform well, but stand out from the numerous TJs, JKs, and XJs that attend each year. We discussed a number of different vehicle options, from the ever popular JK, to the J10 Gladiator, Chevy Colorado. All had potential, but ultimately had flaws for various reasons. In wanting to challenge ourselves, we thought let’s build something different, an oddball of sorts, something that isn’t typically celebrated as a capable trail rig but has the potential to be. After months of discussion and pondering ideas, the decision was made to build a Jeep Liberty KJ.
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BDS Suspension is proud to announce they are the official suspension of the 2013 Ultimate Adventure hosted by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. Each year the magazine organizes a mystery adventure in an undisclosed location where 20+ trail rigs load up their gear for a week of 4wheeling, camping, and highway time as the convoy wheels a particular region of the country covering 1000+ miles and various off-road terrains.

Part of being a sponsor of Ultimate Adventure means we get to take part in the trip, and that seems like a great excuse to spend some company money building a new trail rig. Stay tuned for more info on the new project vehicle as we build it up for the adventure ahead.