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October 9, 2015

PR.217: RAM Sway Bar Disconnects


#122413 – OE 4-Link RAM HD

#122414 – OE Radius Arm RAM HD

#122814 – Sway Bar Disconnect Upgrade Kit


 RAM 2500/3500 Sway Bar Disconnect Kit


2003-2013 RAM 2500 (OE 4-Link)

2014-2016 RAM 2500 (OE Radius Arm)

2003-2012 RAM 3500 (OE 4-Link)

2013-2015 RAM 3500 (OE Radius Arm)


View Sway Bar Disconnects Online

Dodge Ram 2500 Sway Bar Disconnect
#122413 Sway Bar Disconnects
View Hi-Res Images: Kit-A, Kit-B

Dodge Ram Sway Bar Disconnect
#122414 Sway Bar Disconnects
View Hi-Res Images: Kit-A, Kit-B

Dodge Ram Sway Bar Disconnect
#122414 Disconnect Upgrade Kit
View Hi-Res Image: Kit-A

Sway Bar Disconnects for RAM 2500/3500 Trucks

Are you looking get more suspension articulation out of your 2003-2016 RAM 2500/3500? BDS Suspension now offers a high quality set of sway bar disconnects allowing you to improve the offroad articulation similar to the Dodge Powerwagon and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. These disconnect kits are a manual disconnect with the links able to be quickly removed and clipped out of the way to achieve full capability of your RAM’s suspension. BDS offers (2) new kits to fit the OE 4-link equipped 2003-2013 RAM HD truck as well as the OE radius arm equipped 2013-2016 RAM HDs. The kits are designed to work with BDS lift kits and others that utilize the sway bar in the stock frame mount location. The kit is designed to work on RAM 2500/350 trucks with 3-8″ of lift.

The new sway bar links are built from 7/8” solid steel bar and feature greaseable, high-misalignment spherical polyurethane bushings.  All mounting hardware is included for simple, bolt on installation on your RAM HD.  The stainless steel disconnect pins use a tapered end and allow the links to be easily disconnected easy via the spring loaded pin. With the sway bar links disconnected, BDS offers a pair of easy clip lanyards to secure the sway bar up out of the way.  This kit also includes standard mounting hardware that can be installed in place of the disconnect pin for those that want a fixed mounted link.

Also now available, BDS offers a sway bar disconnect upgrade kit for certain existing BDS Ram 2500/3500 lift systems (see listings below).  This upgrade kit includes everything needed to convert the base links included in the lift system to a disconnecting link. It is a simple conversion that does not require removing the links from the sway bar.

Applicable Lift Kits for #122814 Upgrade:
#1624H – ’14-16 RAM 2500 – 3″ Lift Kit
#1622H – ’13-15 RAM 3500 – 3″ Lift Kit
#1614H – ’13-15 RAM 3500 – 8″ Lift Kit

For more information on available kits see below, head online to BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.


Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

#122413/122414 Important Notes 

1) Works with 3-8″ of lift
2) Not for use with any other sway bar relocation brackets. Sway bar must be mounted in the stock location on the frame rail.
3) Will not fit on 2003-2008 BDS 8″ long arm kits that use sway bar relocation brackets at the axle or any other kit that does not have the factory axle mount bracket intact.
4) “Inverted-T” steering found on the 2008.5+ RAM HDs is highly recommended for steering-to-sway bar link clearance on 2003-2008 trucks. DO not vary from shock length listings. Max extended length is 25.25″ for 3″ lift, 30″ for the 8″ lift kit.


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10 Comments on “BDS New Product Announcement #217: RAM HD Sway Bar Disconnects

    HI just waned see how much is it for a 2013 ram 2500 5.7 hami

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Albert, MSRP on the #122413 to fit your ’13 RAM 2500 is $157.67. You can also check with your local BDS distributor to see what they are offering them for.


    Thanks ….I just lifted my truck 3inch n I have 37 Inc tires could I still be able to have that disconnect sway bar ?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Albert, on your 2013 RAM 2500 the 37s are going to be a tight fit on stock fenders regardless of if it road driven or flexed out on the trail. That said our disconnects will work on your truck, but they might unlock too much flex for that lift-tire combo and cause rubbing problems when you’re out on the trail. The picture at the top of this post is a 2010 RAM 2500 running the 6″ Long Arm and 37s and even that occasionally rubbed at full articulation

  • Ryan says:

    What are the length if these disconnects (are they the same total length as the stock end links?)

    I really want disconnects for this truck rather than an expensive $800swaybar, but your instructions expressly say no other lift systems. I run a competitors system (sorry), but it essentially returns the system to stock geometry and uses stock end links….knowing the length as compared to stock would help make this a popular item for people with non bds systems.

    • Ryan says:

      Ps. Truck is a 2014 ram with AEV suspension (3″) but uses stock end links.

      • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

        Hey Ryan,
        eye-to-eye length is 7″ on our sway bar disconnects. The design will work as an OE replacement and correct the swaybar positioning on your 3″ lifted RAM HD (when used without swaybar drop brackets) and allows you to disconnect your swaybars for more suspension travel out on the trail.

  • Brandon says:

    I’m not getting out of the truck to disconnect my sway bar that’s why I bought a power wagon.

  • Brad Mckinney says:

    What kit will fit my 2017 dodge ram 2500, truck is stock height, plus can you get them for the front and the rear stock sway bar

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Brad, we currently only offer them for the front and they are designed for lifted applications with the links are longer than stock.


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