BDS Suspension expands its RAM product coverage with new 4" lift systems now shipping for late model 2014-2018 RAM 2500 Power Wagon trucks. Designed to maintain on-road ride quality and handling while improving offroad capability with clearance for 37s, these kits lift and level the stance for the look and performance Power Wagon owners are looking for. Take your late model RAM 2500 Power Wagon to the next level with this new 4" lift kit from BDS Suspension. As with all BDS lift kits, these new Power Wagon kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus with BDS's No Fine Print Warranty and a 5-year, 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty so you can go hit the trail with confidence.

Product Description

4" Lift System

Vehicle Fitment

2014-2018 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

** Prior to ordering, verify listings with BDS sales team to ensure listings are up to date **

Kit Info

[#1636H] - $1794.33 msrp
(1) #032401 Front Coil Box
(1) #012402 Front Box Kit
(1) #012256 Rear Box Kit
(1) #122616 T-Case Indexing
(2) #85752 Front NX2 Shock
(2) #85757 Rear NX2 Shock

Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

37x12.50 Tires on 17x9/18x9/20x9 Wheels (4.5-5" BS)

*Additional wheel/tire sizes can be used, however may require additional trimming.

Available Accessories

FOX 2.0 Shocks (#98224752/98224756)
Dual Shock Hoop Kit (#122615)
- NX2 or FOX 2.0 shocks (4x #85759 or #98224759)
NX2, 9500 or FOX 2.0 Single Stabilizer Kit
- #85427 or #95427 or #98224018
Dual Steering Stabilizer Brackets (#55370)
- Dual NX2 Stabilizer (2x #85422 )
- Dual 9500 Stabilizer (2x #95422)
- Dual FOX 2.0 Stabilizer (2x #98224016)
Adjustable Front Track Bar (#122314)
Adjustable Rear Track Bar (#122609)
Extended SS Front Brake Lines (#102003)
*visit website for full accessory list


4" Lift Kit - Power Wagon
RAM Power Wagon with BDS 4" Lift Kit
RAM Power Wagon with BDS 4" Lift Kit
RAM Power Wagon with BDS 4" Lift Kit

BDS 4" Air Ride RAM 2500 Lift Systems: BDS Suspension takes the late model RAM 2500 Power Wagon to the next level with new 4" lift systems now in stock ready to ship. These 4" systems are designed to maintain on-road handling while improving offroad capability with clearance for 37" tires. At the heart of these new systems are dual rate front coil springs designed for a full 4" of lift on the Power Wagon along with your choice of NX2 gas or FOX 2.0 IFP performance gas shocks for impressive ride quality and performance. The factory radius arms are repositioned using a pair of specially designed 1/4" thick drop brackets specific to the Power Wagon that key off the factory frame mounts for strength and rigidity. Steering correction comes from a forged drop pitman arm that is used in combination with a heavy duty track bar drop bracket to keep the steering angles in phase for predictable handling. Also supplied for the front are extended bump stops, brake line relocation brackets and sway bar relocation to retain functionality of the factory electronic sway bar disconnects.

At 4" of lift the transfer case needs to be indexed to allow the front driveshaft to function properly. BDS supplies a high strength indexing ring with ARP studs along with a replacement high clearance transmission crossmember and billet driveshaft extension allowing the factory front and rear driveshafts to be reinstalled. In the rear a pair of replacement HD dual rate coil springs are supplied to level the stance while providing a great ride and maintain tow capacity. These springs paired your choice of NX2 gas or FOX 2.0 performance gas shocks provide impressive on and off-road performance. A heavy duty rear track bar bracket is supplied to correct track bar operating angle and recenter the rear axle under the truck. Rounding out this kit are a pair of extended rear sway bar links and all the necessary hardware to complete the install on your late model Power Wagon.

Additionally BDS offers several accessories for further enhance your Power Wagon's performance including dual front shocks kits, single and dual steering stabilizer kits, front and rear HD adjustable track bars and extended SS front brake lines. Take your late model Power Wagon to the next level with BDS Suspension.

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NEW PRODUCT Announcement

October 9, 2015

PR.217: RAM Sway Bar Disconnects


#122413 – OE 4-Link RAM HD

#122414 – OE Radius Arm RAM HD

#122814 – Sway Bar Disconnect Upgrade Kit


 RAM 2500/3500 Sway Bar Disconnect Kit


2003-2013 RAM 2500 (OE 4-Link)

2014-2016 RAM 2500 (OE Radius Arm)

2003-2012 RAM 3500 (OE 4-Link)

2013-2015 RAM 3500 (OE Radius Arm)


View Sway Bar Disconnects Online

Dodge Ram 2500 Sway Bar Disconnect
#122413 Sway Bar Disconnects
View Hi-Res Images: Kit-A, Kit-B

Dodge Ram Sway Bar Disconnect
#122414 Sway Bar Disconnects
View Hi-Res Images: Kit-A, Kit-B

Dodge Ram Sway Bar Disconnect
#122414 Disconnect Upgrade Kit
View Hi-Res Image: Kit-A

Sway Bar Disconnects for RAM 2500/3500 Trucks

Are you looking get more suspension articulation out of your 2003-2016 RAM 2500/3500? BDS Suspension now offers a high quality set of sway bar disconnects allowing you to improve the offroad articulation similar to the Dodge Powerwagon and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. These disconnect kits are a manual disconnect with the links able to be quickly removed and clipped out of the way to achieve full capability of your RAM’s suspension. BDS offers (2) new kits to fit the OE 4-link equipped 2003-2013 RAM HD truck as well as the OE radius arm equipped 2013-2016 RAM HDs. The kits are designed to work with BDS lift kits and others that utilize the sway bar in the stock frame mount location. The kit is designed to work on RAM 2500/350 trucks with 3-8″ of lift.

The new sway bar links are built from 7/8” solid steel bar and feature greaseable, high-misalignment spherical polyurethane bushings.  All mounting hardware is included for simple, bolt on installation on your RAM HD.  The stainless steel disconnect pins use a tapered end and allow the links to be easily disconnected easy via the spring loaded pin. With the sway bar links disconnected, BDS offers a pair of easy clip lanyards to secure the sway bar up out of the way.  This kit also includes standard mounting hardware that can be installed in place of the disconnect pin for those that want a fixed mounted link.

Also now available, BDS offers a sway bar disconnect upgrade kit for certain existing BDS Ram 2500/3500 lift systems (see listings below).  This upgrade kit includes everything needed to convert the base links included in the lift system to a disconnecting link. It is a simple conversion that does not require removing the links from the sway bar.

Applicable Lift Kits for #122814 Upgrade:
#1624H – ’14-16 RAM 2500 – 3″ Lift Kit
#1622H – ’13-15 RAM 3500 – 3″ Lift Kit
#1614H – ’13-15 RAM 3500 – 8″ Lift Kit

For more information on available kits see below, head online to BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.


Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

#122413/122414 Important Notes 

1) Works with 3-8″ of lift
2) Not for use with any other sway bar relocation brackets. Sway bar must be mounted in the stock location on the frame rail.
3) Will not fit on 2003-2008 BDS 8″ long arm kits that use sway bar relocation brackets at the axle or any other kit that does not have the factory axle mount bracket intact.
4) “Inverted-T” steering found on the 2008.5+ RAM HDs is highly recommended for steering-to-sway bar link clearance on 2003-2008 trucks. DO not vary from shock length listings. Max extended length is 25.25″ for 3″ lift, 30″ for the 8″ lift kit.


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We leaked this photo a couple weeks back, and tonight’s the night to see how it came to be. Check out Offroad Overhaul tonight on the Outdoor Channel to see Markus Voegler’s 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Powerwagon get an off-road makeover before hitting the trails. BDS jumped on board with a 4” long arm suspension lift kit (comparable to a 6” long arm for standard 2500) while others provided wheels, tires, lights, and more. See the buildup and all the action tonight on Offroad Overhaul on the Outdoor Channel! To see Markus’s Testimonial, check out the link.

Show Air Times:

Monday May 28th at 5:30pm and  9:30m (EST)

Tuesday 12:00am and 2:30am (EST)