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  1. Craig phillipson
    Craig phillipson at | | Reply

    Hi I’m from Australia and have a 2003 chev Avalanche, I’ve been looking for a lift kit for it here but no one does them in Australia.
    I’ have seen your 4 1/2 and 6 inch coil over kits that I’m very interested in. Just wondering if you import to Australia and whether the kit would work after the truck being converted from left-hand drive to right hand drive to comply with Australian standard .
    Cheers Craig

  2. Jonathan
    Jonathan at | | Reply

    Hi Carter,
    Very interested in this kit for my ‘04 Sierra 2500HD. Right now I have my t-bars cranked to clear 285’s. Had it done since I bought my truck brand new. The ride quality absolutely sucks because of that. I notice the 6.5” lift can fit 37’s. Will I need to crank the t-bars w/ the lift to clear 37’s? I’d like to bring the ride quality back but w/ 37’s

  3. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Hi BDS!
    I recently purchased a 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2, and I was hoping to get a lift. I know the issue lies in the dssv shocks that come stock with the ZR2. However, I heard a rumor that you may be working on something to integrate those shocks? Is this true? If so that would be badass and do you know when it would be available?

  4. daniel mullins
    daniel mullins at | | Reply

    I need a 6″ suspension lift kit for a 2002 chevy silverado 1500hd 2wd can y’all help me out with that let me kno asap.

  5. Jonathan
    Jonathan at | | Reply

    Carter, in regards to rear suspension. I know you offer blocks or leafs. Does one provide a better ride quality?

  6. John D.
    John D. at | | Reply

    Hi Carter, are those upper coilover mounts available to purchase separately? I believe they are parts #0397 & 0398 from box 121654. I have a 10” lift on my truck and want to convert to coilovers.


  7. lloyd calicott
    lloyd calicott at | | Reply

    Hey guys,

    I have a 2009 2500hd duramax 4×4. I tow a 40ft grand design bumper pull and a 22ft v-nose. The 40ft is about 13k and the 22ft is about 9k. Will this system give me the comfort and capability I am looking for with out sacrificing my ride when not towing? I am also running load lift 5000 air bags which have been amazing.

  8. Johnny
    Johnny at | | Reply

    Hello wanted to know is you guys had A convert kit of torsion bars to coils for a 2001 1500hd 4×4 and it is 8 lug

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