BDS Project Go Beyond

With a game plan in place and a multitude of various parts and accessories converging on the build site in Coldwater, MI the build team continued to fit accessories. Up front a set of Fiberwerx fiber fenders were fitted . These feature a larger opening and 4" bulge to more tire clearance and extra tire coverage. These flares in combination with the 4" BDS coilover system installed in the last episode give clearance to allow a set of 40x14.50x20 Mickey Thompson MTZ P3 tires to be installed mounted temporarily on a set of wheels. The plan for the show is to mount them on a set of 20x10 Method NV605 in black to get the look and stance. To help with the extra weight and carrying capacity of the team added a Ridetech level tow airbag system that integrates ride height sensors and compressor to automatically level the stance when loaded down with gear or towing heavy loads.

Already at this point the Knapheide service box has been on and off the truck a few times as the team checks clearances and begins preparing other accessories around it. One fitment issue that needs to be addressed at this point is the rear fenders. The rear fender openings weren't going to allow enough clearance for the 40s so the team fabbed up a set of rear fenders to accommodate a much larger wheel arch along with building out a flare to match the OE styling for a clean appearance.

Next step was bed access. With the size of this truck and the need to ease access to gear and supplies the inside of the bed by fitting a CargoGlide CG2200XL slide out tray. The slide out is easy to use with the ability to extend a full 8ft and can support up to 2200lbs. The plan is to use this to mount out fridge, grill, spare tires and gear storage. With the truck sitting much taller than stock a set of Ford Performance "Tremor" running boards were added to allow easier access to the command center. Moving inside the stock factory cloth bucket seats and rear bench were pulled in favor of some upgrades. The crew at Auto Image made quick work of installing a custom set of Katzkin premium mahogany and black leather seat skins with silver piping and embroidered headrests. Stay tuned to see how those turn out and how they'll tie into the paint scheme.

At this point the shop is full of parts, some removed and others freshly received. Measurements have been taken and the team is hard at work designed the rack, the bumper mods and other parts in preparation for next steps. Stay tuned for Episode 3 for more as Project Go Beyond starts to take shape.

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