BDS Project Go Beyond

The build team is really catching their stride, working together to fit, fab and finish prep on the various components. Up front a Addictive Desert Designs stealth fighter front winch bumper is bolted into place. While it would typically fit like a glove the flared fenders require the ends to be cut and extended out to match the new bulged body line of this truck. This bumper will allow fitment of a Warn Zeon 12S Platinum winch with synthetic rope and a Sidewinder hook. For lighting a Rigid 40" RDS lightbar and dual 10" SR LEDs were added to outshine the night. In the rear, we were looking to match the styling of the ADD front while working off the larger Knapheide service box. The build team designed and build a custom rear bumper that integrates the hitch, more Rigid LED lighting and shackle mount recovery points. With the bumper knocked out the team turned to the fuel filler. With no direct compatibility between the service box and custom fuel tank the team devised a plan to fit build out a mount to house the factory filler neck and fuel door to integrate into one of the storage compartments giving a clean, OE appearance and functionality for both the diesel fuel and DEF fluid. The setup allows independent use of the fuel filler door or storage compartment.

Storage... its key when building an overlander. Along with the added storage capacity of the Knapheide service box, a custom modular bed rack is being built to maximize storage and allow fitment of a James Baroud Evasion XXL hardshell tent, Maxtrax recover devices, Rotopax fuel and water storage, Rigid flood lighting, A James Baroud awning, Hi-Lift 60" extreme jack, shovel, fire extinguisher, ladder and other gear. Above the cab a Rhino Rack was added to the roof of the truck with the help of their low profle Backbone mounting system. This will offer additional storage as well as a roof top "deck" easy to access from the tent.

These new 2020 Super Duty trucks have several front grille and headlight options to match the different OE trim packages. While this truck is an XLT with the standard halogen lights and chrome surround grille, the plan was to fit LED headlights and a particular grille only found on a few top trim level F450 models. Being these trucks aren’t out yet there wasn't an option to pick one up from the local Ford dealer so after some digging we ran across Lack Trim Systems, the OE supplier that was able to accommodate our request and get us the grille we were looking for. All it needs now is some paint will be taken care of at the same time as the rest of the truck. An OE set of LED headlights were sourced along with a LED conversion harness from The Retrofit Source. Stay tuned for Episode 4 as this truck gets painted and and the team does final assembly with less than a week before it hits the road for SEMA.

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