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  1. Anthony
    Anthony at | | Reply

    I want a lift on my 2015 F250 but also use this truck for plowing so what do you recommend

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Anthony, we have several lift options available that will fit your Super Duty from 1″ to 8″ systems. As for a recommendation for a plow truck, there are a number of factors like how much height adjustability your plow has, what size tire/wheel do you want to run, what’s your budget?

      2-4″ is fairly common for the plow trucks. At 4″ we offer a 4-link conversion which add strength and improved performance. We offer replacement coils as well as coilover conversions. Along with the performance benefits, the coilovers would give you the ability to dial in the ride height for the months you have the plow connected to eliminate any front end “sag”. For more on the topic I’d recommend contacting the BDS sales team at (517) 279-2135 or stopping by your local BDS distributor for their input on the topic, http://bds-suspension.com/distributor-lookup

  2. scott geiger
    scott geiger at | | Reply

    Just had Ford dealership install 4″ BDS lift on my 2017 f250 diesel. Pass side tire sits 1/2″ farther out from fender than driver side. Bump steer crazy. What can I do? I also have BDS rear traction bar installed. Lift came with single steering stabilizer. Thanks

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Scott, we’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your truck. Likely this is due to the kit not being installed correctly and/or the alignment isn’t set correctly. The radius arms use a lower cam slot and we supply offset cam washers to correct the front caster for both 4″ and 6″ lifts. The track bar is the same way with an offset cam washer used to correct the track bar positioning to recenter the axle laterally at 4″ and 6″ of lift. Likely these cam washers are installed incorrectly. The BDS sales/tech support team is better equipped to assist you with confirming everything is installed correctly at (517) 279-2135 or sales-bds@sporttruckusainc.com, we also have the instructions available online at http://bds-suspension.com/instructions/013414.pdf. See step #24 to reference the radius arm cam positioning and step #40 to reference the track bar cam positioning.

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