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6″ Radius Arm Lift Kit


#55427 (5500- single stab)

#95427 (9500- single stab)

#55370 (dual stab bracket)

#55422 (5500-dual stab ea)

#95422 (9500-dual stab ea)

#98524063 (Fox dual stab ea)

#122813 (8-bolt tranny crossmember/t-case index kit)

#122314 (adjust track bar)

#122618 (traction bars)

#102003 (frt brake lines SS)


2013 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD

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Dodge 6" Lift Kit

Dodge 3500 6″ lift kit
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Dodge 6" Lift Kit

Dodge 3500 6″ lift kit
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Ram 3500 w/ 6″ lift kit
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Ram 3500 w/ 6″ lift kit
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Ram 3500 w/ 6″ lift kit
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BDS 6″ Lift Kit & Accessories

2013 Dodge Ram 1-ton 4WD

Coldwater, MI—January 7, 2014— BDS Suspension continues to lead the industry with new and innovative products for late model RAM trucks. Their latest release, complete 6″ suspension lift kits for the 2013+ RAM 3500 4WD trucks is the first lift kit of its kind to hit the market.

This new 6″ lift system uses a pair of 1/4″ thick steel radius arm relocation brackets to reposition the factory radius arms and correct suspension geometry and caster at 6″ of lift. These brackets are designed for quick installation and create a stout mounting location for the radius arms by tying into both the factory radius arm frame mount and the side of the frame rails.

The additional height comes from a pair of specially designed progressive rate ProRide coil springs. The 6″ coils have been engineered and tested to improve the ride quality and performance across all terrains while holding up to the rigors that 1-ton truck owners demand. A heavy duty track bar relocation bracket is included to recenter the front axle once lifted as well as a forged drop pitman arm to correct steering angles. Sway bar relocation brackets are used to reposition the front sway bar assembly and the supplied brake line brackets allow for the easy adjustment for the stock lines to be reused with the lift kit.

With the redesigned front end of these trucks, the 6″ lift requires transmission/transfer case relocation components to allow the front driveshaft to function properly. BDS includes a new laser cut transmission crossmember and adjustable transmission mounting plate to increase clearance. The transfer case is repositioned by way of a supplied indexing ring kit to correct the operating angle of the front driveshaft. (*indexing ring fits 6-bolt transmissions only, 8-bolt RAM 4500 transmissions indexing ring also available).

The rear of the truck is lifted via a 5″ block and u-bolt system which provides a level-to-slightly tail high stance. The kit includes your choice of BDS-5500 hydraulic or Fox 2.0 performance shocks to offer a great ride and improved dampening performance. This kit allows for 37″ tires to be installed.

Available Accessories

BDS has a number of accessories available to fit the new 2013 RAM 3500 trucks. Both single and dual steering stabilizer kit are available to meet your on-road and off-road performance needs. Available in both 5500-series (white body) and 9500-series (brushed stainless body) the stabilizers improve drivability by reducing front end shimmy caused by oversized tires and mount above the tie-rod for extra protection when offroad. The dual stabilizer kits mount end-to-end with an attractive BDS branded center bracket. In addition to steering stabilizers, BDS offers a heavy duty adjustable front track bar to allow you to dial in the the front axle positioning. Constructed from 1-3/8″ solid steel stock this new adjustable track bar is built to handle on and off-road abuse and uses a 1-3/8″-12 fine threaded pinch bolt design turnbuckle to allow easy tuning to properly recenter the front axle for a range of lift heights. The track bar is formed for proper clearance around critical front end components and features gusseted ends for additional rigidity. The ends utilize high-durometer polyurethane bushings with thick-walled steel sleeves for strength and reliability. Lastly, BDS offers rear traction bar kits to fit the 2013 Ram 3500 trucks. Designed to eliminate axle wrap and keep the rear axle planted during hard acceleration, BDS traction bars are constructed from 1-1/4″ OD tubing and are 100% bolt-on.

As with all BDS products these are backed by the comprehensive Factory Protection Plus Plan. For more info on this new 4″ 4-link lift kit and available accessories, visit BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

BDS Suspension Systems are Protected by the Factory Protection Plus Program

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

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