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  1. Travis
    Travis at | | Reply

    When are the 6 in lift kits gonna be available! For the 2015 air rider dodge trucks??

  2. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Thank you for sticking with it and getting this released. I’m sure this will make a lot of people very happy!!

  3. Sean
    Sean at | | Reply

    Will this work with the 2013 model year too?

  4. Wes
    Wes at | | Reply

    Will this system work on the 2500’s as well, or do you have a different system for them?

  5. Wes
    Wes at | | Reply

    Thanks for the response Carter. I’ve got a nice 2014 2500 limited gasser I could lend you for R&D if you put a sweet 4″ bds package on it for me lol!

  6. Yasin
    Yasin at | | Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this product since 2014 when I got my 1500 Longhorn, but I have a question, is there any rubbing or something in the lowest height using 35×12.5 and the specified 20×9 (5 bs) wheels? Because I think when I’m in the highway the height goes down by itself to reduce fuel consumption, also to leave the car it goes down by itself.
    By the way, that’s for being the first company to design something for the air suspension Ram

  7. Jamie Young
    Jamie Young at | | Reply

    Will BDS offer a conversion kit to remove the air-ride suspension allowing ram owners ability to install the non-air-ride BDS 6″ suspesion lift?

  8. Erik
    Erik at | | Reply

    theres a 3 inch body lift available for Ram Trucks with or without the air ride will the 4 inch lift you offer work with it.

    1. BrownSanta
      BrownSanta at | | Reply

      Who makes the body lift?

      1. David
        David at | | Reply

        If I use the 4” lift on my 2020 limited air ride what are the height difference in each mode? Or is it 4” all the time in ever mode ?

    2. Ryan
      Ryan at | | Reply

      What’s the link for the body lift

  9. Memo
    Memo at | | Reply

    So 4wd only whont fit on 2wd at all

  10. Jordan
    Jordan at | | Reply

    Just curious as to how the truck rides with this lift? It seems to just space out the stock air struts. Does it maintain ride quality comparable to the stock setup?

  11. Micah
    Micah at | | Reply

    Is there any chance of getting a quick video of the air suspension going through the 4 stages with this lift kit? I am sure others would appreciate it.

  12. Jobin Audet
    Jobin Audet at | | Reply

    Any update if the 4” lift kit work on the 2013 ram 1500 ?

  13. andrew
    andrew at | | Reply

    hi ,we instaled a 4″ kit with air ride and the back pocket keep blowing.. maybe you would know the probleme?

  14. Chris Wall
    Chris Wall at | | Reply

    Any progress on a kit for 2015 2500 cummins with factory air suspension? Thank you!

  15. Geoff
    Geoff at | | Reply

    Referring to your post on June 15th., am I to assume that the air ride components could simply be removed from a 2500 allowing your standard kits to be installed?

  16. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    Is there a way you could send me a few pics of what a truck looks like with this kit on? Thanks.

  17. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Do you have or are you going to have a 2 inch lift for the Ram 1500 w/air ride?

  18. Colin
    Colin at | | Reply

    If I have the 4″air lift and. 3 inch body what size tires would I be able to fit ?

  19. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    Have y’all tried this kit for a 13 Ram 1500 yet?

  20. Horlando Martinez
    Horlando Martinez at | | Reply

    Being waiting for this lift kit!!! Great job guys!
    Can’t wait to get my order and install.

  21. Rick Fisher
    Rick Fisher at | | Reply

    I’m looking for a leveling kit for a 2015 ram with air suspension.

  22. Shane
    Shane at | | Reply

    Hi I have the 2015 RAM 1500 eco-diesel with the factory air-suspension (I believe you call it air-ride) its the Longhorn Laramie with a short box 5’7″. If I understand correctly I have a payload of 1360 lbs, I am pretty sure its well under rated. What I want to do is add a camper that is made for the short box, but its wet-weight is 2300 lbs’. So without having to buy another truck is there something I can do to increase my payload or decrease the affects of the new load such as, over sized brakes, beefier tires, or the suspension kit you have out for the 2015’s with air ride.

    GVWR 6950 LB / 3153 KG

    GAWR FRONT 3900 lb with tires P 275/60R20
    REAR 3900 lb with tires P 275/60R20

    I should have though of this before I bought the truck, and the wife will kill me if I have to spend more money on a bigger truck. Please help….


  23. Shane
    Shane at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter (hope that’s your first name) can I ask what you mean “our suspension lift is designed to retain the stock air bags and uses top mounted steel spacers which won’t add or take away from the load capacity” I am not much of a mechanic.

    I was thinking keep the same air-bag, add your suspension kit (to prevent the truck from bottoming out due to increased load or a sudden excessive load say from hitting a pot-hole), heavier braking system say brakes from the 2500 or 3500 if they fit, plus heavier load rated tires.

    Your thoughts


  24. Eric Weisenfluh
    Eric Weisenfluh at | | Reply

    Hello, will this 4″ Air ride lift work on a 2015 Ram Rebel? Nothing is stated about the Rebels. TIA, Eric

  25. Andy
    Andy at | | Reply

    Eric- Do you know if a 2″ leveling kit is available (or coming soon) for a 2014 Ram 4×4 with air ride? Thanks.

  26. Nathan
    Nathan at | | Reply

    Will this 4″ system work on a 2011 ram 1500 4×4 and is the air suspension adjustable up to 6″ of lift?

  27. Jimmy
    Jimmy at | | Reply

    Hey I have a 2016 ram longhorn 1500 with air ride and I recently installed the bds 4″ kit and now the air ride doesn’t work properly. It works sometimes but takes along time to reach off-road 1 and won’t reach off road 2. The error messages show up and reads immediate repair required or it says max payload and won’t work. I have taken it to dodge and they looked into it after charging me almost 500 dollars because they won’t cover it because I modified it and they think there might be a air restriction problem. Don’t know what to do. I took it back to the shop I had it done and they couldn’t figure it out. They want to see it again but I am afraid they will screw it up more. Any suggestions

  28. Dave T
    Dave T at | | Reply

    I was curious if the installing this 4″ kit & 35″ tires will affect my factory warranty??

  29. Ben
    Ben at | | Reply

    Has there been any progress on the Ram Rebel instructions?

  30. Kal
    Kal at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport with the Air Ride Suspension. I also think a 2″ Lift would be a good option for the truck. It would give you 0″ – 4″ lift range when coupled with the Factory Air Suspension. Your normal ride height would be 2″ up over stock with the ability to go to 4″ when in “Off-Road” 2 mode. “Aero” Mode would be 1″ up which could still help with fuel economy.

    I’d Buy It!

  31. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    I have 2013 ram 1500 4×4 with air suspension. Any recommendations on an installer in San Antonio, TX or nearby I can’t any one to touch it and the only one to try had it for 7 weeks and couldn’t get it done. Any recommendations would be appreciated

  32. Dale
    Dale at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 Ram Rebel with the 4 corner Air. what are the options for installing a fixed lift height. what is needed to over ride the auto leveling (ie. additional weight in box or trailer tongue weight)??

  33. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    Any recommended installers in Ontario Canada around the Toronto area?

  34. Jed
    Jed at | | Reply

    Hey, Carter, a question for you. You wrote in one of the replies above that the 4″ air ride lift kit retains the ride quality and allows the suspension to function as it does from the factory with ride height adjustment from between roughly 2 to 6” of lift. But am I right that a 2″ you would have to be in entry/exit mode, and that you can only stay in the mode at relatively low speeds? In other words, with your kit installed, is there any way to keep the truck at 2″ at driving speed? I would likely never want to be higher than that except in off-road driving.


  35. Rick
    Rick at | | Reply

    Jimmy did you get your problem with the air-suspension resolved?

  36. matt
    matt at | | Reply

    anything in the works for duallies with factory bags?

  37. Mike D
    Mike D at | | Reply

    Had this kit installed on my truck and now front struts won’t take air. It has been in the shop for 6 weeks now and RAM has refused to work on it until it is returned to stock. They say my warranty is not voided they just won’t touch it because it’s aftermarket and wasn’t done by a dealership. What do I do? Do you have any advice on how to remedy this?

  38. Rick
    Rick at | | Reply

    Mike D
    I’m having this lift installed in about 3weeks, would you please post the resolution to the strut issue?

  39. SID
    SID at | | Reply

    Will this 4″ lift work on the 2015 1500 RAM Rebel?

  40. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply


    Will this 4″ lift works on a 2016 1500 RAM limited ? Can I keep the stock 20 wheels ? Can I run some 35s also ?

  41. Jamie
    Jamie at | | Reply

    Have you guys figured out the changes needed to install this lift on the rebel

  42. Austin
    Austin at | | Reply

    If you want to try out another Rebel I’ll volunteer my 16 with 300 miles 🙂

  43. Dennis Carreras
    Dennis Carreras at | | Reply

    Hi – I am interested in getting this suspension lift kit for my 2016 RAM 1500 Limited with Air Leveling Suspension, but I have a few questions:

    1) The Rear lift is 2.5 inches – is it possible to ONLY lift the front 2.5 inches or max 3.0 inches with different spacers as I want to keep the truck rake the same as stock using your kit?
    2) I am waiting for AMP Research to release their PowerSteps for my truck as they advised, the 2016 RAMs are marginally different where the 2016s have a SRS fixed bracket that requires AMP to remold their PowerSteps for the 2016 RAMs – will this be a factor with the BDS Air-Ride suspension lift kit?
    3) I live in Coconut Creek Fl, 33073 – what truck shops do you recommend that resells your BDS systems – I need multiple shops to compare to

  44. jamie russell
    jamie russell at | | Reply

    hello i have a 2016 dodge ram 1500 with the factory air ride and i was wondering if you all are going to make a leveling kit for them. i have searched alot and cant seem to find one.

  45. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    When the 4in air supsension is installed can the truck be drivin at the max hight for daily driving? And can it be installed on a 2013 ram laramie 2 wheel drive?

  46. Andrew
    Andrew at | | Reply

    Will this lift fit my 2016 ram rebel? I’ve Been looking everywhere for a lift kit for my truck and I’m getting kinda pissed because I can’t find any

  47. kyler williams
    kyler williams at | | Reply

    Will this kit be manufactured for other vehicles than ram 1500 like chevy or toyota I’m not much of a Dodge guy just wonder

  48. Sam
    Sam at | | Reply

    So I had the 4″ lift installed on my truck and now when I try to go either up or down I get the error “selected ride height not permitted due to payload” even though I’m not hauling/towing anything and the rest of the truck is still stock… Any ideas what could be causing that?

  49. Rusty
    Rusty at | | Reply

    Can you send me the contact info for a installer/dealer in the K.C. MO or KS either one works? Will 37s fit after the lift or is 35 the max? Thanks.

  50. Chad
    Chad at | | Reply

    Could someone post a video or a truck with the lift on it and move I through all the lift heights on the air suspension?

  51. Chad
    Chad at | | Reply

    *of a truck

  52. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Would I be able to use the stock 20 inch rims with 35″ tires ?
    If I use wheel spacers ? What size ?
    2014 ram sport with air ride

  53. Tyler
    Tyler at | | Reply

    Is there anyway to keep my 16 ram limited at top height in off-road 2 without it dropping to highway mode?

  54. Tyler
    Tyler at | | Reply

    Don’t think anyone will create a program for it? What about putting iy in off-road 2 an unplugging the module?

  55. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    What is the failure rate for an install with one of your authorized dealers? Although, granted you hear about problems more than success stories, it seems like the electronic/computer end of install is problematic and a big risk for a for a 50k truck.
    I would love to purchase this lift, just a little leary.

  56. Fred
    Fred at | | Reply

    Hi, i pit a 4inch kit on my ram 2016 ecodiesel air ride truck, i put 35in tire. So whats the alignment degree to use?

  57. Brad
    Brad at | | Reply

    Just curious about a rim and tire combo I’m thinking of running. I’m thinking of running a 20×10 wheel with a -19 offset. The tire I’d like to run is a 325/60R20. I realize this isn’t what is recommended but would like to know if someone thinks it will work. Thanks

  58. darcy
    darcy at | | Reply

    do u make a 6 inch lift for a2014 ram 1500 regular cab short box

  59. JOse
    JOse at | | Reply

    Will this lift fit a a 2wd with air suspension?

  60. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    I had lift installed on 2016 limited 4×4. I am having an issue with the driver side cv axle making a high pitch noise around 2000 rpm. I took truck to dealership and they finally diagnosed the problem that the cv axle is angled slightly upward and the truck from factory has it slightly angled downward. Have you guys had this issue before and if so what is the remedy to have this fixed?

  61. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    1) Will the 4″ lift impact the turning radius of the truck? I have seen some guys mention this in the online forums.

    2) I want to use a 35″ or 34″ x 12.50″ tire. Most likely KO2’s. What backspacing and/or offset would I use if I want more of a ‘tucked under’ look vs a more aggressive stance? I don’t mind if they stick out…. just not 2 or 3 inches.

    3) Will this lift level the truck or will it have the same rake as from the factory?

  62. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    How does the Air Ride lift compare in terms of ride quality (primarily on the road) compared to a 4″ BDS coil spring lift in the same truck? I’m wondering if the coil spring setup with specifically tuned shocks front and rear for the much heavier 35 x 12.50 would ride better. I love the Air Ride, just making sure there is not a noticeable difference between air and coils.

  63. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Hello. Does BDS have plans to create a “Rebel” compatible Lift at any point? Or will the particulars, including having it officially listed as compatible be worked out on the current available option? Anxiously awaiting a viable lift option for my ’16 Rebel, and I’m concerned about the potential hassle of trying to get the current option to work. Thank you

  64. Michael goff
    Michael goff at | | Reply

    Hello will you guys be offering an air ride delete kit? I have a 16 ram rebel but honestly hate the air ride I mean it rides great but off road there is no flex and if u r in off road mode the most u can do is 25 and if you are in mud and the sees that the tires spin faster it starts to lower itself. Can you guys help?

  65. Sal
    Sal at | | Reply

    I have a 2015 Ram Sport 2WD with the air ride. Will this lift kit work on my truck

  66. Christian
    Christian at | | Reply

    Hello BDS Team,

    At this moment i am living in Mexico and i like to order your BDS Lift Kit for my 2015 RAM.
    Is there any possibility to get this here o your offer shipping to Mexico?
    Thanks for responding

  67. Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson at | | Reply

    I recently was in an accident with my 2014 ram 1500 long horn 4 corner air suspension w/ 4″ BDS lift. Following the accident the repair shop was not able to get my trucks alignment within spec and the tech who tried to align mentioned that the front axles were spaced differently in relation to the front cross-member (this same tech had aligned my truck 4 months earlier and had it within spec and didnt mention anything about the spacing between the front axles and the front cross-member. Additionally I have been experiencing issues with the truck shifting into 4WD. The repair shop said they could not find any “apparent” damage to the differential mounting brackets and that there was no impact to the tires. They also said they thought it weird that one of the brackets attached to and engine mount allowing it to move with the engine…?

    my question is this:
    1. How fragile is the lift kit differential modification? What sort of force would be necessary to cause damage?
    2. What is the typical spacing/ tolerance between the front axles and the front cross-member with the lift installed? ( they said it could rub if i was to take the truck off road)

  68. Rick
    Rick at | | Reply

    Hello I have a stock 2012 ram 1500 ram 1500, I don’t know anything about lift kits I was wondering if you can point me towards a complete 4 inch lift kit with upgraded rear springs. I know my basic of mechanics and im sure I can install it myself , I do like the idea of 35 by 12.50 is there any trimming involved? Thank you

  69. Neil
    Neil at | | Reply

    Hi, I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd Quad cab Hemi with a 6″ lift. I’m looking for new shocks that will work with my setup. Do you guys have anything that will work? Thanks

  70. Lift Kit - Ram Rebel Forum
    Lift Kit - Ram Rebel Forum at |

    […] Chop503 is online now   Quote Quick Reply post #2 of 2 Old Today, 12:09 PM WillardsRAM Junior Member     Join Date: Jan 2017 Posts: 26 Mentioned: 1 Post(s) Tagged: 0 Thread(s) Quoted: 2 Post(s) BDS makes a lift kit. Not sure if have to remove the air suspension to install the BDS kit. New Product #206: Air Suspension RAM 1500 Lift Kits […]

  71. Martin
    Martin at | | Reply

    Hey have a 2016 rebel. Could someone email me more info about installing the kit on my rebel. Will leave email below.

  72. Kristian
    Kristian at | | Reply

    Is it possible to run a 20×12 wheel with a -45 offset .35×12.5r20 with this lift ? I have bushwaker extended flairs .i want an aggressive look .

  73. Jeb mccarroll
    Jeb mccarroll at | | Reply

    So I went to one of the authorized dealers and it’s like I was talking a foreign language about air bags. I don’t feel comfortable spending my money with a company that told me they would give it their best shot to install the kit. Left my contact information for them to call you guys then call me and still no return call. I would like for you to help find someone who has installed it successfully in my area. Thanks

  74. James
    James at | | Reply

    While I really like the looks of the 4″ kit on the Rams, is there any plan to make maybe a 2″ kit, maybe with front and rear spacers, like on a leveling kit, used in conjunction with different length sensor links? Possibly to get it to ride at the “off road 2” height while on the normal setting. But maintaining stock ride quality. And have it under $500?

  75. jeff
    jeff at | | Reply

    will 22″ wheels work with the kit

  76. David Dudek
    David Dudek at | | Reply

    Just bought a 2014 Ram 1500 Longhorn w/ ait suspension and i’m looking for a modest two inch lift. Anything available? Is there a downside with a body lift? I’m new to the late model truck world. It just looks week sitting so low.

  77. Joe Bass
    Joe Bass at | | Reply

    What about a kit, if nothing else a leveling kit, for Jeep Grand Cherokees with the Quadra Lift system

    JONATHAN MULLER at | | Reply

    Is this kit still compatible with the 2017 model 1500 Laramie Limited w/air?

  79. Jeffrey Alfaro
    Jeffrey Alfaro at | | Reply

    do y’all have a certified installer in fort worth texas

  80. Mike K
    Mike K at | | Reply

    Had the 4″ lift installed on my 2016 Ram 1500 Longhorn about 1.5 years ago. Recently the front bags deflate when I turn it off? Any idea on what the problem may be before I bring it back to the shop? Thanks

    DAVID MILLER at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 dodge ram limited with factory air ride 2wd last time I checked your 4 inch lift only worked on 4wd is that still the case .

  82. Anthony A
    Anthony A at | | Reply

    I’m looking into a 2019 Ram Limited with air-ride. Any idea on when your 4″ lift will be available for the new Rams? Also, I can’t figure out how these lifts work with the factory air ride. I imagine “Normal Ride Height” is 4″ above factory, but what is the speed limit before it goes down into Aero mode? And is aero mode 0.5″ below the new lifted ride height or does it take it down to original factory ride height?

  83. Jay H
    Jay H at | | Reply

    Just bought 18rebel and they installed the 4” lift with factory air ride. Love the lift and rides great. My question, is there a way to level out the front more? I hear people talk about different links. Dont want to cancel warranty of lift. Do yall have any ideas how i can achieve this?

  84. Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby at | | Reply

    I see , it says you reinstall Stock 20 inch rim. With the 4 inch air ride lift for 16 rebel. Can you still run the 17 inch rims still ?

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